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Aquarius horoscope for Wednesday, Mar. 11th

Everyone values your encouragement and unreservedly seeks your advice
| Photo: ©  AlohaHawaii / shutterstock.com

Aquarius horoscope for Wednesday, Mar. 11th

Everyone values your encouragement and unreservedly seeks your advice

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
6:12 AM Moon Square Mars
8:49 AM Sun ⚹extile Jupiter
2:00 PM Moon Square Jupiter
6:38 PM Moon Square Pluto

Aquarius horoscope for Wednesday, Mar. 11th

Money and finances

Make use of your current decisive mood and get going on new financial projects – it could be worthwhile. It might be something you wanted for a long time, a spontaneous purchase or a long-term investment. You have a winning touch, particularly as you can trust bank advisors and friends more than usual. Other people recognise that you have worked hard for your money and will handle it with care.

Family and friendship

Whether a pleasant family get-together is on the cards or a celebration with friends – today is perfect for socializing. Just as you enjoy the company of others, they like being with you too. Friends and family know exactly how much you mean to them and value your company. Be yourself today, because they accept you just as you are, loving you and trusting in you.


You’re fit and well and possess an insatiable need for physical activity. Consider how you might balance this urge with your sociability and take up dancing! If you’ve never danced, it's a great way to enjoy yourself and keep fit; embrace this opportunity and find out where your local dance class is located and learn.

Working life

Everyone values your encouragement and unreservedly seeks your advice. You make yourself accessible to those who need you by readily answering a myriad of questions. You notice how they give you new ideas, offers, and suggestions too. By appreciating the attention you remain popular with your colleagues.

Love and partnership

Your relationship is currently very harmonious. Your partner is very loyal and distinctly endearing. Basically, there is no reason to complain at all. Even so, you are somehow absent-minded, although you and your partner are inseparable. Therefore, you should focus on the important things in your life such as your partner, your family and your love! You will quickly appreciate that unity and affection can create a magic world.

Flirt - love for singles

Looking for the right person for a long time, you may not have found the ideal partner yet, but the likelihood of meeting them is promising and too good for you to miss. Give yourself a push and summon all your seductive sex appeal. Be prepared for the next opportunity you get to win over that special someone.

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