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Aquarius horoscope for Saturday, Mar. 14th

Now is the best time to go out and spend
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Aquarius horoscope for Saturday, Mar. 14th

Now is the best time to go out and spend

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
4:44 AM Moon Square Mercury
4:49 AM Mars ⚹extile Neptune
5:10 AM Moon ⚹extile Saturn
6:16 AM Moon → Sagittarius
10:14 AM Sun ⚹extile Pluto

Aquarius horoscope for Saturday, Mar. 14th

Working life

You approach problems in a capable and professional way, you possess all the right answers and provide solutions. Colleagues seek your advice and regard what you say as important, credible and worthwhile. Remain accessible and don't be too remote or distant. The help you're able to give others is rewarded.

Flirt - love for singles

Making an effort to get out and socialize is enough to make others aware of your qualities and there is every chance you'll discover a new love interest. You're sure to meet new people and create connections that give others an opportunity to get to know and appreciate your delightfully seductive ways.

Family and friendship

Maintain contacts and strengthen your social ties, especially with close friends and family. Don’t keep putting them off, because they really need to be near you now. It should be easy for you since you are completely at ease with yourself and won’t be stressed by their company. Obviously, when others are in a positive mood you will be too.

Love and partnership

Today is the ideal day for romantic hours with your partner. You should finally catch up on the undertakings that you have had on your shared to-do list for a long time. Maybe you even surprise your partner after work with a candle light dinner and romantic music. However, it will be beneficial for your relationship and you will reap the benefit of this for some time.


Don't let time pass without the athletic ability you know you possess being fully utilized. What you learn to appreciate most is that exercise doesn't need any great effort on your part, it's your all round well-being that increases your fitness. Include a wellness day in your weekly routine, take care for your body.

Money and finances

Now is the best time to go out and spend. Buy yourself something nice, but don’t splash out on just one item. Instead, invest your money the smart way. Other people are being honest with you, so don’t hesitate to take their advice. Whether you intend to buy something small or are investing in a big way, you can’t lose, even if you spend more than usual.

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