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Virgo horoscope for Monday, Mar. 16th

You sometimes feel ill at ease with people and see your friends as rivals
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Virgo horoscope for Monday, Mar. 16th

You sometimes feel ill at ease with people and see your friends as rivals

Capricorn Moon

moon (→ Capricorn) (11:28 AM)
last quarter (4:39 AM)

Moon in March 2020

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
2:14 AM Mercury → Pisces
4:39 AM Half Moon (Sagittarius)
11:28 AM Moon → Capricorn
11:53 AM Moon ⚹extile Mercury
7:35 PM Moon Trine Uranus

Virgo horoscope for Monday, Mar. 16th

Flirt - love for singles

Heightened awareness of your surroundings make you responsive to the many opportunities that occur for you to find romance. Any communication you get, treat as particularly important, don't dispose of contacts or phone numbers or lose any, you're experiencing the results of previous effort, stay open to offers.

Money and finances

Never waste time buying things out of frustration – unless they are trivial comforts that you can afford to enjoy and discard. Be sure to avoid making any big purchases or making a financial commitment unless they are absolutely necessary. If you have to then try to deal with them in a clear-headed and considered way that cannot back-fire.


If you find it difficult to relax and feel on edge, let yourself unwind for a while, there's no shame in feeling temporarily out of sorts. You don't have to prove anything, instead try to find an acceptable middle way for your activities. Only do what you feel comfortable with, protect your body from unnecessary stress.

Family and friendship

You sometimes feel ill at ease with people and see your friends as rivals. You also tend to argue in a loud, aggressive way. Treat other people with more respect than usual and don’t injure them just because you feel uncomfortable with yourself.

Love and partnership

Your social commitments are currently accumulating. You are a very popular person and therefore it is not surprising that you are receiving a lot of invitations. You don't even have to explain to your partner that of course you can't miss out on these events. But just today would be a good day for you to hold your head close to his or her ear and to whisper: “I am looking forward to seeing you later.”

Working life

Practice some humility when you're at work, in your quest for success conduct yourself appropriately, always behave fairly and use restraint. In conversations you’re inclined to overreact with colleagues and bosses. Be especially careful of doing this otherwise you end up putting any future plans and prospects at risk.

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