Virgo horoscope for Tuesday, Mar. 17th

Your uncontrollable energy is causing you big problems

Virgo horoscope for Tuesday, Mar. 17th

Your uncontrollable energy is causing you big problems

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
12:34 PM Moon Trine Venus
10:36 PM Moon ⚹extile Neptune

Virgo horoscope for Tuesday, Mar. 17th

Working life

You’re inclined to take on too many projects at once and be far too bold and demanding. If you need to solve any problematic issues with your colleagues a moderate approach is the best way forward, don't try and force issues. Treat the people you work with fairly and with respect if you want to make progress.

Family and friendship

Your uncontrollable energy is causing you big problems. You are in a state of inner turmoil and find it difficult to remain calm. Your friends and relations find your behaviour totally unpredictable. They can’t make you out. Talk to others about your mental state – they will understand you better and give you good advice.

Love and partnership

Right now you should not forget that especially in a relationship nothing can be forced! Feelings are like a bouncing ball and if they collide, sparks will fly. Therefore, don't close your eyes from what is real and avoid frustrations! You better focus on your sweetheart and simply tell him or her every now and then how much you love them!


If you feel a bit weary maybe you need to take a vacation. A lot of what you're motivated to do is born out of frustration or in some way antagonistic. A way to counteract these feelings is to make sure you get enough rest. Restore your composure and try doing some Yoga, or take time off from your work schedule.

Money and finances

You have a lot going on! If you don’t watch out you may suffer unexpected losses. Another problem is your frivolous attitude towards spending, which will become really precarious when bills have to be paid. Practice damage limitation instead. If you want to start making profits again, you must be patient.

Flirt - love for singles

If you're confused, sort out your contradictory feelings. In matters of the heart it's difficult for others to be sensitive to your needs, unfortunately confusion on your part leads people to avoid you and you feel worse. In being more certain about your feelings, your desirability is enhanced and your outlook improves.

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