Moon and Venus bring us strong feelings of affection | Photo:  Sergey Novikov /

Horoscope Sunday, 3 May: Moon and Venus bring us strong feelings of affection

Tell a loved one how much you love them
Moon and Venus bring us strong feelings of affection | Photo:  Sergey Novikov /

Horoscope Sunday, 3 May: Moon and Venus bring us strong feelings of affection

Tell a loved one how much you love them

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Leo May. 3rd

07/23 - 08/23

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
8:58 AM Moon Square Venus
9:15 AM Moon Opposition Neptune
4:51 PM Moon Trine Pluto
9:29 PM Moon Trine Jupiter
10:30 PM Venus Square Neptune

Horoscope Sunday, 3 May: Moon and Venus bring us strong feelings of affection

Moon square Venus and Moon opposition Neptune determine our mood today. As far as the Moon-Venus square is concerned, the two planets and their effects on us remain fundamentally sympathetic. This situation results in a strong affection for our loved ones, perhaps even more than usual. We should be careful not to become too exuberant since that could lead to inevitable domination. Moon-square-Neptune is more complicated, and this transit could confuse, as is often the case with tense Neptune constellations. Mistrust and anxiety could also become noticeable, even feelings of inferiority, entirely without reason. That is how Neptune works in between with its nebulization and dilution effect. Thank God this transit is active only for two hours.


Martha Grimes (*1931),  David Beckham (*1975)  Lily Allen (*1985),  Donatella Versace (*1955),  Novalis (1772 – 1801)

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Daily aspects

Time Aspects
8:58 AM Moon Square Venus
9:15 AM Moon Opposition Neptune
4:51 PM Moon Trine Pluto
9:29 PM Moon Trine Jupiter
10:30 PM Venus Square Neptune

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