Horoscope Monday, May 10: Beware of quarrels today | Photo: Fernando Cortes / shutterstock.com

Horoscope Monday, May 10: Beware of quarrels today

Mercury and Mars today form a difficult square
Horoscope Monday, May 10: Beware of quarrels today | Photo: Fernando Cortes / shutterstock.com

Horoscope Monday, May 10: Beware of quarrels today

Mercury and Mars today form a difficult square

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Leo May. 11th

07/23 - 08/23

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
1:38 AM Mercury Square Mars
3:57 PM Mercury → Gemini
4:07 PM Moon ⚹extile Neptune
6:26 PM Sun Trine Moon

Horoscope Monday, May 10: Beware of quarrels today

Just do not argue, reason warns, it doesn't pay off.

Mercury and Mars are poised for disputes this morning. Who will get away first? Probably Mars. But we cannot tell if Mars is the first to reach the goal. But no matter who wins, the winner gets the first prize, an award confirming that he has the highest potential and disharmony. And with that, he is unique.

Saturn is on the decline today. So, the one who has been creating trouble for us recently is now asking to come over us again. We don't seem to have taken the right measures to improve our situation yet.

Mercury enters Gemini late at night, which is why we will be more communicative shortly, in various environments. For example, we may open more than usual by entrusting our situation to someone, while before, we used to be too proud to do it. But there will also be excellent professional opportunities if we take great care of the people with whom we deal professionally. Good business is now possible too.


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Daily aspects

Time Aspects
1:38 AM Mercury Square Mars
3:57 PM Mercury → Gemini
4:07 PM Moon ⚹extile Neptune
6:26 PM Sun Trine Moon

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