Great self-confidence | Photo: ©

Virgo horoscope for Monday, May. 18th: Great self-confidence

You are an understanding advisor today
Great self-confidence | Photo: ©

Virgo horoscope for Monday, May. 18th: Great self-confidence

You are an understanding advisor today

Daily aspects

Time Aspect
12:17 PM Moon ⚹extile Mercury

Virgo horoscope for Monday, May. 18th: Great self-confidence

Working life

Approaching projects with a healthy optimism, you convince more cautious and pessimistic colleagues of the validity of your entire strategy. You take them to one side and calmly offer quiet words and encouraging advice. You accomplish tasks in a self-assured manner, alleviating any concerns others might have.

Love and partnership

Since you seem to be a bundle of energy with so many good feelings towards others available at present, you are in a position to manage the moodiness of your partner and to cheer them up, distract and excite them with your new ideas. They will be grateful for that and this will have a positive effect on the relationship. But be careful: don't demand too much of your sweetheart, because if he or she doesn't always react the way you want, it could turn into disappointments and crankiness on your side.

Money and finances

A lot could happen today where money is concerned. It’s a good time to invest in riskier projects which you were cautious about before. Use your common sense because nothing happens on its own in spite of positive circumstances. You have to make an effort to be really successful, even if this only means researching thoroughly.

Family and friendship

Your energy and drive have no bounds. If you had it your way, you would do everything and at the same time. Even though your interests are varied, you should concentrate on what’s relevant. Involve your friends and relations in particular. You will spend wonderful moments together, and have great memories of them.


Introducing physical activities your positive feelings improve as you build on your core strength and the rhythm of your routine achieves a specific level of equilibrium, you feel fit and well-rested. Recognizing your vitality others come to rely on your strength in the event of any pressurized situation that crops up.

Flirt - love for singles

You're optimistic, willing to take risks. Self-reliance and the charm you possess gives you great confidence, if you suffer the indignity of being turned down by a potential date, this has little effect on the way you feel. There are people out there who appreciate what you offer and willing to share their love with you.

Daily aspects

Time Aspect
12:17 PM Moon ⚹extile Mercury

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