Daily horoscope for Sunday - Story telling | Photo: Daniilantiq / shutterstock.com

Horoscope for Sunday, May 24th: Story telling

Mercury and Moon support communication today
Daily horoscope for Sunday - Story telling | Photo: Daniilantiq / shutterstock.com

Horoscope for Sunday, May 24th: Story telling

Mercury and Moon support communication today

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Leo May 24th

07/23 - 08/23

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
12:33 AM Moon Square Neptune
6:08 AM Moon Conjunction Mercury
6:10 PM Moon → Cancer

Horoscope for Sunday, May 24th: Story telling


The conjunction between Moon and Mercury ensures, among other things, a unique linguistic expression. Such an ability is always worth the money, write a story! Or tell one to someone. Since it is Sunday today and most of us have some free time, it may be an indication to use this positive linguistic energy for family matters that need clarification. A reconciliation between partners is, for example, much more comfortable now than in two days. One could also make good progress today in inheritance matters, which are usually delicate. And we could easily win our mothers again today with kind words and genuine expressions of gratitude since the planets are beneficial to us this Sunday.

Birthdays on May 24th

Bob Dylan (* 1941),  Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901),  Kristin A. Scott Thomas (* 1960),  Lilli Palmer (1914 - 1986)

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At work today, everything threatens to get a little out of hand. Sometimes you have the feeling that you are facing a mountain of seemingly unsolvable tasks.

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Your daily business does not cause you any difficulties and you can look forward to new, possibly larger tasks with confidence. Today you have the strength and courage to tackle something really big.

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Daily aspects

Time Aspects
12:33 AM Moon Square Neptune
6:08 AM Moon Conjunction Mercury
6:10 PM Moon → Cancer

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Horoscope for Sunday, May 24th: Story telling

Mercury and Moon support communication today

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