Smooth ball | Photo: ©

Sagittarius horoscope for Sunday, 24.5.: Smooth ball

Schedule a wellness day
Smooth ball | Photo: ©

Sagittarius horoscope for Sunday, 24.5.: Smooth ball

Schedule a wellness day

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
12:33 AM Moon Square Neptune
6:08 AM Moon Conjunction Mercury
6:10 PM Moon → Cancer

Sagittarius horoscope for Sunday, 24.5.: Smooth ball


Flirt - love for singles

If in a bad mood and feeling rather lack luster, don't take out your frustration on those you love most of all. Feeling unhappy with yourself doesn't endear you to people. With a little more self-discipline and a degree of self-reflection you can exhibit more positive energy and show others how easy it is to smile.

Money and finances

You feel that everyone is being false and fraudulent and want to get their hands on your money. The anxiety this causes clouds your clear, objective judgement. Steer clear of complicated money matters. In future there will be more than enough opportunities to make good deals. Today is not the best day for this.

Love and partnership

Don't take out your frustrating moods and unhappiness on others, especially not on your partner. If you need a way to let off steam, try physical exercise! Go for a run to clear your head, or let off steam by going for a bike ride! You will certainly see that your efforts are appreciated by your partner, with pleasurable time spent together much more likely to result.

Working life

Don't let your frustration interfere with work even if there appears to be some unrest amongst your colleagues. Instead try harder not to let interactions with them block your progress. Despite the fluctuating circumstances affecting your capacity to remain focused and to stay on course, it's only a temporary phase.

Family and friendship

Right now you have a short fuse and are quick to lose your temper. Be more considerate and don’t take every little thing personally. Think about what’s really important in life – harmonious relationships with family and friends. Show you nearest and dearest how much they mean to you. You’ll have to swallow your pride first.


Don’t push your body too hard, put your feet up instead. This doesn't mean to kick back and do absolutely nothing, jut ease up on recreational activity and don't make yourself so tired every day. Make available a period for your total well-being, allow your mind and body to have plenty of relaxation and fresh air.

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
12:33 AM Moon Square Neptune
6:08 AM Moon Conjunction Mercury
6:10 PM Moon → Cancer

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