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Capricorn horoscope for Tuesday, Jun. 23rd

You engage in conversation with almost everyone you meet
| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/CoffeeAndMilk

Capricorn horoscope for Tuesday, Jun. 23rd

You engage in conversation with almost everyone you meet

Capricorn horoscope for Tuesday, Jun. 23rd

Flirt - love for singles

You engage in conversation with almost everyone you meet. Being so talkative and offering little substance is far too easy, you lose track of conversations and question what you are doing. You still have the ability to create situations that can make your dreams a reality, rather than just aimlessly wasting your time.

Love and partnership

In your relationship you are currently wavering between heaven and hell. Your partner can't do anything, you are simply not happy. Again and again you are creating stress and are shouting. In regards to your love life, this conduct turns you into an unpredictable killjoy when it comes to anything romantic in the bedroom. Maybe you should take a deep breath and not make such a big deal out of everything that happens! Close your eyes and imagine it is Sunday! You sleep in, have your coffee in bed, and until lunchtime you spend your time together cuddling in bed.

Money and finances

In matters of business, nothing is going your way. People will try to take advantage of you in important negotiations, contacts and the market try to sell you bad products. You’re naturally irritated, but this won’t solve the problem. Leave big investments until a later date when the circumstances are more promising.

Working life

It's beneficial to practice patience and reconsider the decisions you make. Any opposition becomes increasingly difficult for you to deal with, and places undue pressure on your plans. Don't give up if you're faced with seemingly impossible problems, think how you overcame similar situations that occurred in the past.


Instead of demanding constant high levels of performance you enjoy more rest and relaxation If you feel frustrated in any way you'll find it difficult to train in the most optimum way, so a break is worthwhile thing to take and is beneficial. When you begin to train again you won't find your exercise regime as tough.

Family and friendship

You are reacting irritably towards people in your private sphere. This makes you take out your bad mood on others. Friends and relatives obviously feel rebuffed. Restrain yourself and be fair and objective, even if you find it difficult in your current state of mind.

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