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Capricorn horoscope for Thursday, Jun. 25th

Money is causing you problems
| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/karelnoppe

Capricorn horoscope for Thursday, Jun. 25th

Money is causing you problems

Capricorn horoscope for Thursday, Jun. 25th


It's important to remember the body isn't a machine it doesn't always behave in the way you want it to. If you feel weary, be patient and understand that it's necessary to go easy on your body, incorporate plenty of relaxation in between all your activities. Don't push too hard and your daily life becomes a lot easier.

Family and friendship

You lose your cool very quickly, particularly in difficult talks where you say things that hurt other people. This can place a strain on your relationships in the long term and you will soon regret your words. Always be careful and retain your inner calm. A relaxed attitude helps to clarify matters.

Love and partnership

You better avoid your partner today to prevent disputes. But that is not so much due to your partner than to yourself! When you are talking with each other, you rarely find the right tone, you over-react and get irritated for the slightest reason. Give your partner a chance in regards to a different opinion or in finding a compromise. Otherwise the coming days will be full of fights!

Working life

If you're feeling rather on edge be discreet and take control of your emotions. Otherwise you'll upset the easygoing atmosphere that exists between you and your colleagues. You achieve your objectives and bring yourself closer to your ultimate aims when you avoid conflict-ridden discussions with your co-workers.

Money and finances

Money is causing you problems. Don’t waste time compensating for your downcast mood with shopping excesses. This does not help at all, and you won’t have the money for important items. You don’t have the right feel for risky investments, so avoid them. Hold back a little rather than risk making losses.

Flirt - love for singles

With a grumpy attitude and a rather arrogant mood, you aren't likely to be at your best and if you feel this way must avoid dates or meetings with people you care about. Fortunately your mood changes, you're far more human again, the circumstances you desire are much more likely to occur and fall into place.

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