Horoscope Pisces for July 1st | photo: (c) freya-photographer/shutterstock.com

Pisces horoscope for Wednesday, Jul. 1st

Your finances are going through a positive phase
Horoscope Pisces for July 1st | photo: (c) freya-photographer/shutterstock.com

Pisces horoscope for Wednesday, Jul. 1st

Your finances are going through a positive phase

Pisces horoscope for Wednesday, Jul. 1st


Flirt - love for singles

Don't be surprised by certain situations and dating opportunities that crop up. There's plenty to contemplate and consider in the coming weeks before you make any decisions. Think about the how you want to allow your heart to be directed. Showing good sense assures time spent isn't wasted and for nothing.

Money and finances

Your finances are going through a positive phase. If you worried about being stuck in a rut and underachieving, your life will start to change now. The old obstacles will fall away and you soon realise how your business instincts reawaken. You won’t have to wait long for the right opportunities. Don’t hesitate too much because you won’t regret it when you get down to work.

Family and friendship

You thoughts have seldom been so lucid and in harmony. Problems with relationships that seemed insurmountable just a short time ago are now resolved without further arguments. The time has come to revive personal bonds. Enjoy this phase and experience life with other people. The memories will last for a long time.

Working life

It’s in your best interest to remain helpful and cooperate with your co-workers. You're able to implement bigger and better projects and everyone likes playing their part in your success and admires what you've achieved. If some of your colleagues are envious, they don't reveal how they feel, as everyone benefits.


If you've previously felt tired or worn out, a powerful drive within you propels you towards fitness and you wonder what previously made you feel so low. Incorporate a challenge in your exercise routine to boost your energy levels. To preserve the way you feel have a sauna or massage to keep up the momentum.

Love and partnership

Why don't you finally admit to yourself that you are a hopeless romantic. So, what holds you back to spontaneously go holding hands in a taxi to Paris? And if you can't afford that, why not take a late night walk through the next wonderfully fragrant forest? No matter what you are doing, take your partner and rekindle the springtime of your relationship!

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