Daily horoscope

Love gets its wings

Horoscope for Tuesday, Jul. 7th
Daily horoscope

Love gets its wings

Horoscope for Tuesday, Jul. 7th

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Leo Jul. 7th

07/23 - 08/23

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Love gets its wings

The Moon moves through Aquarius, which always points to innovations or surprising changes. Encounters with people are part of this, starting with old acquaintances you haven't seen for a long time, to those you haven't seen before. Exciting, exciting! And since today, the Goddess of love is also involved, many of us are guaranteed to have exciting encounters. If love gets its wings, it will fly towards us.

Birthday on July 7th, 2020:

Ringo Starr (* J 1940), Gustav Mahler (1860 - 1911, Jorja Fox (*1968), Stephanie Stumph (*1984), Toni Garrn (*1992)

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To put it mildly, you are somewhat overwhelmed with what is expected of you. There are frequent misunderstandings, especially with relatives and friends. 

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Photo: © rubchikova / shutterstock.com

The people you work with are friendly and interested in what you have to say. The team spirit that exists enable you to tackle various projects. 

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Photo: © Mihai Blanaru / shutterstock.com

In touch with your emotions, you are fortunate to be so clear about your feelings which helps you decide exactly what to do. Whether you are looking for casual dates or interested in starting a more serious relationship, you make the right choice. 

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Photo: © conrado / shutterstock.com

Remain open to possibilities and allow yourself to be enthusiastic about the ideas other people put forward. With this mindset you're likely to make unexpected progress in your career. 

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Photo: © AlenaMorgana / shutterstock.com

Be prepared for love to become a more permanent feature, you don't have to do much to get yourself noticed. Your secret is to simply be yourself, even if sometimes you feel a little uncertain. 

Cvetkova Elina / shutterstock.com
Photo: © Cvetkova Elina / shutterstock.com

You are currently very sensitive to your family's needs. Everything is full of harmony and again and again you receive some sweet kisses for the little things in your everyday life. 

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Photo: © olya_skazka / shutterstock.com

Being tested, you seek proof as to whether the decisions you made regarding your love life are correct. It's possible others make you aware of having made a mistake. 

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Photo: © rubchikova / shutterstock.com

Everything is streamlined and progresses well at work. Any outstanding issues are resolved, and new ones completed easily. 

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Photo: © ShotPrime Studio / shutterstock.com

Postpone any planned investments and purchases if you can. Unforeseen events could ruin your aspirations and projects. 

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Photo: © Goncharov_Artem / shutterstock.com

You better avoid your partner today to prevent disputes. But that is not so much due to your partner than to yourself! 

Alex Vog / shutterstock.com
Photo: © Alex Vog / shutterstock.com

Don’t expect any comfort from your family right now. The many little annoyances you’re confronted with won’t make you feel better anyway. 

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Photo: © serghupper / shutterstock.com

Feeling full of energy, you're physically fit and mentally in great shape. Provide any excess pent-up energy with an outlet, by going jogging, perhaps with a group of friends. 

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