Horoscope for July 15th |  Photo: © iStockphoto.com/eclipse_images

Sun opposite Pluto: Power struggles now threaten in case of indecision

Horoscope for Wednesday, Jul. 15th
Horoscope for July 15th |  Photo: © iStockphoto.com/eclipse_images

Sun opposite Pluto: Power struggles now threaten in case of indecision

Horoscope for Wednesday, Jul. 15th

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Leo Jul. 15th

07/23 - 08/23

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Sun opposite Pluto: Power struggles now threaten in case of indecision

Today, the Sun and Pluto form an opposition, which points to power struggles with superiors. Even in relationships, if neither of the partners hold back to assert an opinion, a quarrel can occur.

Moreover, since Pluto is in decline until October, 4th 2020, caution and diplomatic skills are always required during this period for people in leading positions. Those who now switch to stubbornness and intransigence in such areas will feel the effects of the opposition. And this also applies to the private, social, and political sphere.


Clive Cussler (*1931), Brigitte Nielsen (*1963), Rembrandt van Rijn (1606 -1669), Diane Kruger (*1976), Ian Curtis (1956-1980), Brian Austin Green (* 1973),  Jean-Christophe Grangé (*1961)

Daily horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs

| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/ViewApart
Photo: © istockphoto.com/ViewApart

Take a breather and free yourself from unnecessary burdens. You're aware of how challenging everyday life is and of the demands your work makes on your stamina. 

| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Oleh_Slobodeniuk
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Oleh_Slobodeniuk

Don't let time pass without the athletic ability you know you possess being fully utilized. What you learn to appreciate most is that exercise doesn't need any great effort on your part, it's your all round well-being that increases your fitness. 

| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/knape
Photo: © istockphoto.com/knape

Nothing can stop you right now and all your work seems to succeed. This is also true for money matters. 

Cancer horoscope for Wednesday
Photo: © istockphoto.com/PeopleImages

Everything you need to develop your career ambition and implement your big idea is in place and points towards success. Your confidence and enthusiasm combined with such a strident approach gains support. 

| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Diamond Dogs
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Diamond Dogs

Whether a pleasant family get-together is on the cards or a celebration with friends – today is perfect for socialising. Just as you enjoy the company of others, they like being with you too. 

| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/MilosStankovic
Photo: © istockphoto.com/MilosStankovic

Find your voice and don't miss this opportunity, maybe that special person you seek, your dream partner, is waiting for you to respond in a positive way. They seem eager to do everything possible to attract your attention and are set to make an appearance, don't allow a potential lover to leave you lost for words.. 

| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/FatCamera
Photo: © istockphoto.com/FatCamera

If things are problematic, don't be surprised if you get the odd headache or feel tired. It's possible concerns around recent events have left their mark on you. 

| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/eclipse_images
Photo: © istockphoto.com/eclipse_images

You're optimistic, willing to take risks. Self-reliance and the charm you possess gives you great confidence, if you suffer the indignity of being turned down by a potential date, this has little effect on the way you feel. 

Sagittarius horoscope for Wednesday, Jul. 15th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/MilosStankovic

If you're not feeling as bright as usual, don't be too severe with yourself. If your health is compromised do your best not to overdo any exercise. 

Capricorn horoscope for Wednesday
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Handemandaci

Today is not a good day for financial adventures. You are being somewhat sluggish and aren’t at all creative. 

Aquarius horoscope for Wednesday, Jul. 15th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Anastasiia Shavshyna

Your family doesn’t seem to be supporting you as much as usual. Instead, they are critical now and then. 

Pisces horoscope for Wednesday, Jul. 15th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Hakase_

Even though finance isn’t your favourite subject, you should still be taking care of business affairs. It’s time to finish long overdue tasks and to get your documents in order. 

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Monthly horoscope July | Photo: Vera Lair / stocksy.com
Photo: © Vera Lair / stocksy.com

We have listed the best days of the coming month for you that should be very satisfactory from the stars' point of view. 

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Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Rachelle007

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