Leo horoscope for Thursday, Jul. 23rd

Leo horoscope for Thursday, Jul. 23rd

You're healthy and full of energy
Leo horoscope for Thursday, Jul. 23rd

Leo horoscope for Thursday, Jul. 23rd

You're healthy and full of energy

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
12:18 PM Moon Trine Uranus
1:46 PM Moon ⚹extile Mercury

Leo horoscope for Thursday, Jul. 23rd


You're healthy and full of energy. Do something more to improve the health of your body. Exercise brings improvements, not only for your body but also your thought processes. Try a new recreational activity and have fun in the process. Before too long you're sure to feel significant improvements in your well-being.

Flirt - love for singles

You long for some excitement in your love life. Don't despair, circumstances conspire to make your wish a likely reality and you don't have to wait much longer for your opportunity to become a reality. Dressing in a distinctive way, venturing out, you may find your special love much closer than you realized.

Love and partnership

In terms of relationship, the signs point toward a new beginning for you. On the one hand this can mean that a new person will enter your life, who totally casts a spell over you. On the other hand it can mean that your relationship takes an unexpected turn. You might possibly get to know a completely new side of your partner and rekindle the passion in your relationship.

Family and friendship

If you want to be active, go on and do it! Your family would be glad of someone who can lend a helping hand. You might feel the urge to be creative too. Come out and say what you’re thinking. You will be welcomed with open arms and be able to realise some of your plans. Most importantly of all, enjoy time spent with your friends or family.

Working life

Don't defer your plans and projects more than is necessary. It is the ideal time to tackle new projects and explore previously untried strategies. When possible try to adopt and test some untried approach, but remain grounded in reality. Do not ignore offers of support, encouraging help is ultimately more beneficial.

Money and finances

Be somewhat more cautious where finances are concerned. Keep control of your affairs and especially your money. It would be a shame to spend it on things that don’t give you pleasure in the long term. If you’re lucky enough to have some savings, it would be a good idea to invest them profitably.

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
12:18 PM Moon Trine Uranus
1:46 PM Moon ⚹extile Mercury

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Horoscope for Thursday, Jul. 23rd
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