Sagittarius horoscope for Sunday, Aug. 2nd

Sagittarius horoscope for Sunday, Aug. 2nd

Relations with friends and family are very positive
Sagittarius horoscope for Sunday, Aug. 2nd

Sagittarius horoscope for Sunday, Aug. 2nd

Relations with friends and family are very positive

Sagittarius horoscope for Sunday, Aug. 2nd


Working life

Going in the right direction, there seems to be nothing you cannot accomplish. You show confidence plus integrity and people notice this. Your colleagues are amazed at how well you tackle difficult projects and successfully complete them. Whenever this happens try to curb your desire for self-recognition a bit.

Flirt - love for singles

You feel content and use any opportunity to get some useful feed-back from a partner regarding exactly how they feel about you. Whether you want to enter a long term relationship or you appreciate life as it is, make a decision about the type of person you want to be with, and decide how you feel about them.

Money and finances

If you enjoy buying yourself something new, go ahead and do it! You have the means to do so, and it’s about time you treated yourself. Your finances allow you to make a small investment and you are sensible enough not to overspend.


Getting up early in the morning is easier than normal, you wake up and feel exhilarated with a degree of attitude. Small aches and pains have disappeared as if by magic, overall you feel totally invigorated. Don't overdo any exercise, go easy with any planned physical activities and let your body's energy flow naturally.

Family and friendship

Relations with friends and family are very positive. The atmosphere is full of openness and a zest for life. It’s time to share your good mood with as many people as possible. Use the leisure facilities in your neighbourhood and meet up with friends. Having fun together bonds your friendships even closer.

Love and partnership

You should check out whether your partner is in the mood for adventures. If there is the slightest sign that he or she shares your thirst for action, you should live out your current energy together. Be it romantic or erotic – thanks to your creativity it won't get boring.

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Horoscope for Sunday, Aug. 2nd
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