Aquarius horoscope for Saturday, Sep. 5th

Aquarius horoscope for Saturday, Sep. 5th

Your work is characterized by insecurity and confrontation
Aquarius horoscope for Saturday, Sep. 5th

Aquarius horoscope for Saturday, Sep. 5th

Your work is characterized by insecurity and confrontation

Aquarius horoscope for Saturday, Sep. 5th

Love and partnership

Don't reject your loved-one, if he or she asks the dreaded question “What's wrong with you today?” If your only answer is a short “Nothing!” accompanied with a face as long as a fiddle, you will only stir up the anger of your partner. There is no shame in owning up to your bad mood and irritability. Of course, you will be asked about the reasons for it. But to have a person, whom you trust and are able to talk to, can be a gift!


Slow down, with all the activities you're involved in, both your mind and body need more relaxation than you're allowing them. Listen to your body, and do something good for your health. Pay more attention to the balance between activity, relaxation and pleasure. A deep-tissue massage often works wonders.

Flirt - love for singles

One way to alleviate the stress you might feel is to approach life in a more playful way and try to brighten up your situation - but don't expect to receive too much credit for your efforts. Instead, whatever you do, you're scrutinized, your motives examined and you find yourself having to defend all your actions.

Working life

Your work is characterized by insecurity and confrontation. Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed, just because you don't have the precise answer to every problem straightaway. Keep a calm exterior, avoid making your problems worse. Often even serious catastrophes are over just as quickly as they arise.

Money and finances

As you cannot know what the future holds and things can change quickly, prepare to be flexible, also in financial matters. You might suffer unpleasant consequences if you make a big investment or acquisition now. If you’re given this advice, remain sceptical and take some time to consider, as the information might not be the best.

Family and friendship

Don’t expect any comfort from your family right now. The many little annoyances you’re confronted with won’t make you feel better anyway. Take a positive laid-back attitude. If you stubbornly stick to your views, conflicts will escalate and your mistakes won’t be so quickly forgiven. If you are willing to compromise, everything will be fine.

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September Horoscope
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Horoscope for Saturday, Sep. 5th
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Your work is characterized by insecurity and confrontation


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