Leo horoscope for Monday, Sep. 7th

Leo horoscope for Monday, Sep. 7th

You are enjoying harmonious relations with family and friends
Leo horoscope for Monday, Sep. 7th

Leo horoscope for Monday, Sep. 7th

You are enjoying harmonious relations with family and friends

Leo horoscope for Monday, Sep. 7th

Family and friendship

You are enjoying harmonious relations with family and friends. Take time for shared activities – they will give you great pleasure. Occasions like this let you see what kind of person you are and the role you play amongst family and friends. What could be better than to find yourself in the company of others?

Money and finances

Are you in need of money to invest in new projects? Then go ahead with your plans, because circumstances are favourable. Friends who give you advice are being honest with you for the most part. If you want to purchase something, you can do it now. You will make the right choice and won’t be misled by sales staff.

Working life

Collaboration with your colleagues is important, they regard you as imaginative and approachable, you never fail to let them all know how much you value and appreciate their cooperation. Working as a team you progress and are able to achieve unexpected results. Be sure to take advantage of this promising setup.


Full of positive energy, the composure you're able to show is obvious for all to see and indicates that your mind and body are in total harmony. Allow others to share in your positive outlook, try to get them to join you in your regime for healthy sporting activity or exercise routines. You find you're a good motivator.

Flirt - love for singles

Don't let how you're feeling pass you by, instead voice your romantic wishes, and tell others what you're willing to give and what is expected in return. Go out and make yourself noticed, be courageous. Find the person who is right for you and discover how you might begin to share wonderful times with another.

Love and partnership

Your relationship will now be completely harmonious. You should enjoy this tranquil togetherness, which won't be disrupted by anyone! There are soft words and the little gestures that linger in your mind. There is the quiet, tender loving care, that cast the magic spell of love on you and which leaves a deep impression on you every single second and minute.

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