Pisces horoscope for Monday, Sep. 14th

Pisces horoscope for Monday, Sep. 14th

Never forget that other people cannot read your mind
Pisces horoscope for Monday, Sep. 14th

Pisces horoscope for Monday, Sep. 14th

Never forget that other people cannot read your mind

Pisces horoscope for Monday, Sep. 14th

Working life

If you find you have more work than you're able to manage satisfactorily you readily accept the help that's offered or actually ask others for assistance if it's needed. Let your colleagues know how grateful you are, how much you value and appreciate their help. By cooperating in this way you alleviate any stress.

Money and finances

Things aren’t looking good on the financial front. You are too hesitant and can’t take the initiative at the right moment. A lack of concentration allows your judgement to falter. Avoid making difficult decisions, because it’s highly probable that you would make a mistake and create problems for yourself. Lower your sights for the time being.

Flirt - love for singles

If you're overly confident, with complete belief in your capabilities concerning most aspects of your life, such an inflated opinion of yourself combined with a rather superior attitude, does not go down very well with anyone you meet and is off-putting. Naturalness and openness are far better approaches to embrace.

Love and partnership

Do you feel rejected by your partner every now and then? Maybe it is due to your slightly overwhelming manner. It is great that you know what you want. But does it really always need to be right here, now and immediately? Try to be empathetic for your partner and take the path of tenderness and gentleness. That won't put your partner under so much pressure and in the end will be more fun for both of you.


If you notice you're feeling rather jaded, expecting more from your body is not the best approach. Don't push yourself too hard, slowly put the brakes on your physical activity. Instead pay more attention to eating only healthy food, try to get plenty of sleep. Simple exercise in the fresh air is how to feel much better.

Family and friendship

Never forget that other people cannot read your mind. If you don’t feel well and are a bit annoyed with yourself, don’t take it out on your loved ones. Take time to talk to them and listen to the advice of family and friends.

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Never forget that other people cannot read your mind