Aries horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th

Aries horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th

In your relationship you are everywhere and nowhere
Aries horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th

Aries horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th

In your relationship you are everywhere and nowhere

Aries horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th


You're able to accept responsibility for the fact that you don't always feel good about yourself. It's no big deal if you cannot keep up with others and have less stamina than you expect. It's better to listen to the signals from your body and take a short rest rather than push yourself too hard and run the risk of fatigue.

Love and partnership

In your relationship you are everywhere and nowhere. For a long time there haven't been any real central points and your partner is more fascinated by the sky than by you. Therefore, be honest with yourself and openly think about what went wrong and where the two of you ran out of steam! Try to address the problems at the root and solve them together with your partner.

Flirt - love for singles

Constantly tempted to seek pleasure for yourself, you don't even consider the thought of sharing intimate moments with another. If this is the way you feel, your attitude may satisfy you in the short term, but you notice something is missing, you're disenchanted. Practice self-restraint, reflect on your conduct.

Family and friendship

You will have to put up with unpleasantness in your private life, being asked repeatedly to take a stance on awkward conflicts. Some decisions may be taken that cause you great pain. Try to see this phase as a chance for inner growth. If you find the right way of doing things, you will be successful.

Working life

If your work is criticized in a particularly harsh manner. Straightaway develop a thorough plan to improve your situation and accomplish any outstanding tasks. Don't be too reticent about your plans, make other’s aware of what it is you're attempting to achieve and you'll receive valuable tips and support from them.

Money and finances

With regard to finances, you may have some unpleasant experiences today and are forced to become aware of your own weaknesses. Be strong when others make you look at yourself in the mirror, it could be a positive learning experience. It will allow you to prepare for large-scale projects. Avoid big investments for the present.

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