Pisces horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th

Pisces horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th

Your finances are going through a turbulent phase
Pisces horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th

Pisces horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th

Your finances are going through a turbulent phase

Pisces horoscope for Wednesday, Sep. 16th

Working life

You forge ahead regardless of the consequences, when composure is what is required, you're constantly having to battle difficulties that require a certain amount of deliberation to resolve. Continually reconsidering situations doesn't create the impression you want others to see, far better to remain grounded

Family and friendship

Try to be more modest in your private relations. You tend to think only your views are right and show too little interest for others. This is why you’re often perceived as being arrogant or complacent. You must listen to other people’s points of view and get off your high horse.

Flirt - love for singles

Persevering in matters of the heart is to be admired but if you're still creating confusion through your repetitive pattern of behavior this needs to be broken. You do have the power to make a break-through and after this phase are able to adopt a more honest approach when new love possibilities become a reality.

Money and finances

Your finances are going through a turbulent phase. You think that your decisions are always correct but in reality this isn’t the case. It will soon become apparent that your investments aren’t at all profitable. Don’t blame others – rein in your pride and accept that your aloofness has caused this misery.

Love and partnership

You have a very loving partner, but your heart currently only plays minor tunes and therefore it could happen that in regards to your love life, you don't feel like anything. Therefore, initially you should accept your changing feelings and start looking for alternatives. Your wishes and ideas will soon come back and before you even notice, you and your partner will hold each other in your arms again.


If you feel pressurized in any way, it's much better to take some time out from any strenuous activities, as any more added pressure won't be welcome. You don't want to create complications that add to those you already have to deal with, you need to demonstrate restraint, slow down and make your life easier.

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