Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd

Venus enters the zodiac sign Virgo

Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd

Venus enters the zodiac sign Virgo

Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd

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Leo Oct. 2nd

07/23 - 08/23

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Venus enters the zodiac sign Virgo

The goddess of love, who can assume the 12 different characters of the 12 signs, changes today to Virgo and will stay there until October 29th, 2020. The Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign and affects, therefore, the area of work, the service sphere. So now she can express her serving love, the passion for work, the call to diligence, and the love for literature, science, studies since Virgo's sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of understanding.

The love of work takes on meaning in the small things, which one needs, for example, also when one reaps the garden. But even the love for aesthetics becomes visible, as well as the love for hygiene and cleanliness. And in general, the appreciation of simplicity, straightforward simplicity, is precisely the opposite of so many complicated, inscrutable, and often completely ridiculous appearances.

Venus in Virgo, who does not give herself up as passionately as she does in Leo, is in strong contrast to Leo’s actions. Now one always thinks before getting involved in passion, now the ideal is in play, one is out for real, lasting, eternal love. Yes, Venus now also educates us to reason; she makes us aware that uncontrolled passions do not last in an orderly life.

We finally can harvest the fruits of love.

That is precisely one of the characteristics of Venus in Virgo. You can harvest what you have sown or planted in your garden. The ideal is, of course, in the foreground. The love for the small things, the love for work, the attention to the essential, which we are losing more and more. The few beans that you can now harvest in your garden are neatly packaged in the supermarket for no money, and they look good too. But that would only be a worldly idea. The experience of growing the plants and the gratitude towards the creator, who manages all this, connects us more and more with Him and is a priceless experience.

That is also how eternal love is created.

And this faithful, real and eternal love can now be experienced most strongly by Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, and Capricorn, as well as Cancer and Scorpio. Close to it, Leo and Libra, Aries and Aquarius, now will also experience it.

Gemini and Sagittarius don't think much of such small stuff because they are ready for great experiences and actual events right now. And the few beans that are at stake now are, in their eyes, completely ridiculous.


Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), Sting (*1951), Bud Abbott (1895-1974), Donna Karan (*1948), Annie Leibovitz (*1949), Mike Rutherford (*1950), Romina Power (*1951), Badly Drawn Boy (*1969), Camilla Belle (*1986)

Daily horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs

Aries horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © istockphoto.com/AleksandarNakic

It's important to remember the body isn't a machine it doesn't always behave in the way you want it to. If you feel weary, be patient and understand that it's necessary to go easy on your body, incorporate plenty of relaxation in between all your activities. 

Taurus horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © Taurus horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd

Don't reject your loved-one, if he or she asks the dreaded question “What's wrong with you today?” If your only answer is a short “Nothing!” accompanied with a face as long as a fiddle, you will only stir up the anger of your partner. There is no shame in owning up to your bad mood and irritability. 

Gemini horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © istockphoto.com/AleksandarNakic

Patient and accepting you feel you're able to seduce almost anyone you meet. Don't get too carried away, not everyone is automatically impressed, even if you are friendly. 

Cancer horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © istockphoto.com/AleksandarNakic

Health wise less stress is an important issue. Pressure you're experiencing is not a reason to give up on your exercise regime or to be completely lethargic. 

Leo horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © istockphoto.com/AleksandarNakic

Find your voice and don't miss this opportunity, maybe that special person you seek, your dream partner, is waiting for you to respond in a positive way. They seem eager to do everything possible to attract your attention and are set to make an appearance, don't allow a potential lover to leave you lost for words.. 

Virgo horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © istockphoto.com/AleksandarNakic

You're curious about how others approach tasks finding group activities more rewarding than your own individual ambitions. With the potential to become an important contact person for your colleagues, you proceed along these lines and exercise a certain degree of caution whilst making yourself indispensable.. 

Libra horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © istockphoto.com/AleksandarNakic

You no longer want to live in your dreams and memories, you feel like going out, getting to know new people and having some fun. Remain open to all new experience and pleasure entering your life. 

Scorpio horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © istockphoto.com/AleksandarNakic

Your finances are doing well. You know how to negotiate to your advantage, even when bargaining with someone. 

Sagittarius horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © Guas / Shutterstock.com

Your advice on financial affairs is much sought after, especially for projects you undertake with others. Share your knowledge freely with them, but don’t give everything away. 

Capricorn horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © Alina Tanya / Shutterstock.com

Being tested, you seek proof as to whether the decisions you made regarding your love life are correct. It's possible others make you aware of having made a mistake. 

Aquarius horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © leoanna / Shutterstock.com

You feel fit, using your high level of energy to your advantage you take up some form of recreational activity. See how your performance increases your stamina and overall fitness. 

Pisces horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd
Photo: © Natalia Deriabina / Shutterstock.com

Don't forget that good relationships always also consist of compromises. In this matter, a little more sensitivity and consideration on your part is necessary. 

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