Scorpio horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd

Scorpio horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd

Your finances are doing well
Scorpio horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd

Scorpio horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd

Your finances are doing well

Scorpio horoscope for Friday, Oct. 2nd

Love and partnership

You will be in the lucky position in your relationship to not only be dreaming, but actually actively living it out. You don't see any limits while doing so. Wishes are being fulfilled and in case you are thinking about the never ending story once in a while, you should give in to being enchanted! Love is one of the most wonderful feelings, and you are in the lucky position to experience it more intensely than ever. Enjoy the support of the stars!


Both mind and body are in perfect harmony, you feel fully fit. Don't overdo your exercise regime, what seems to be a logical amount of activity doesn't always correspond with your energy level. Too much strenuous exercise can lead to problems, so take control, be cautious and employ some firm discipline.

Family and friendship

You are full of energy and other people are carried away with it. You feel like going out and having fun. Who could say no to that? It will be easy to encourage others to participate, if you end up on the town on your own – which is unlikely, but possible – you’ll have no trouble finding company.

Flirt - love for singles

Be prepared for love to become a more permanent feature, you don't have to do much to get yourself noticed. Your secret is to simply be yourself, even if sometimes you feel a little uncertain. What matters is you're prepared for any eventuality, it's in the most unexpected of places your dream lover can appear.

Working life

Your positive attitude enables you to work well with others. Your own priorities are much clearer, giving you a distinct advantage over the way you cooperate with colleagues who provide you with the necessary space you need for you to focus on your goals. If you don't get carried away, everything proceeds ok.

Money and finances

Your finances are doing well. You know how to negotiate to your advantage, even when bargaining with someone. More options will be open to you today, so make new contacts because they may be extremely useful to you in future. Your healthy instincts will warn you in case things start to go wrong.

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