Horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th

Make the most of this joyous day

Horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th

Make the most of this joyous day

Horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th

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Leo Oct. 5th

07/23 - 08/23

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Make the most of this joyous day

The Moon is creating four positive connections today, with the planets Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn, resulting in us in strong support in the areas of law and justice, inspiration and imagination, feelings of love and assertiveness, endurance and stamina.

Jupiter, in connection with the Moon, also gives way goodness, goodwill, social feeling, religiousness, magnanimity, and popularity. The inclination for sociability also goes back to him in many cases, and business acumen is also one of his talents. No wonder then that he is the great planet of happiness.

Let's hope that we have the time and the muse to use his gifts because with too much stress and hectic his outstanding traits can pass by unused.

Luck follows nobody, Adolph Kolping already knew. One must also seek out what we should perhaps take much more to heart in the future.


James Rizzi (1950 - 2011),Steve Miller (*1943), Brian Johnson (*1947), Kate Winslet (*1975), Sara Forestier (* 1986), Rachael Leigh Cook (* 1979)

Daily horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs

Aries horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © Kiselev Andrey Valerevich / Shutterstock.com

Practice some humility when you're at work, in your quest for success conduct yourself appropriately, always behave fairly and use restraint. In conversations you’re inclined to overreact with colleagues and bosses. 

Taurus horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © conrado / Shutterstock.com

Professionally you’ve everything going for you. If you encounter something unexpected, refrain from making any hasty decisions, actually what is needed is calmness and patience; separate the important from the unimportant; bring about an adequate solution. 

Gemini horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © Maria Svetlychnaja / Shutterstock.com

It couldn't be any better in your relationship. You are both being tender loving and treat each other with a lot of respect. 

Cancer horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © Dmytro Kapitonenko / Shutterstock.com

Even if you are receiving tempting offers on how to invest profitably, bide your time. You may not know all the facts, there might be a catch or a nasty surprise waiting, or an inconvenient coincidence will ruin your investment. 

Leo horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © volkway / Shutterstock.com

Nothing can stop you right now and all your work seems to succeed. This is also true for money matters. 

Virgo horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © Just dance / Shutterstock.com

The stars are favourably inclined towards you. Keep up this level of activity, because you have the right instinct for profitable business transactions. 

Libra horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © conrado / Shutterstock.com

Possessing all the energy and enthusiasm you require, you believe in yourself and have an opportunity to make that special project of yours a reality. As a result of you pursuing your ambitions, career prospects improve, your work situation progresses and the momentum is kept going and fully maintained.. 

Scorpio horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © kiuikson / Shutterstock.com

You've the capacity to handle a lot of exercise but need to manage any activity efficiently to ensure you're not totally overworked or eventually run out of energy. With a certain amount of effort directed towards effective preparation you minimize stress and maximize your good health over a prolonged period.. 

Sagittarius horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © Topconcept / Shutterstock.com

Re-establishing family ties benefits you in many different ways. You get to hear about fascinating stories that shed light on past family history and are amazed by interesting health tips you find out were used by them, it's possible you'll sample an old, often talked of remedy, you've not had a chance to try before.. 

Capricorn horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB / Shutterstock.com

It doesn't have to be a spa package, if health is what you're longing for, even just a long hot bath, relaxing music and a good book can do the trick. It's time for you to focus on your health, and learn to weigh up healthy choices against the potential damage caused by overeating, alcohol consumption and smoking.. 

Aquarius horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/martin-dm

If you are in a steady relationship, you will want to make it permanent. You are getting excited about the idea of belonging to one person and only one person. 

Pisces horoscope for Monday, Oct. 5th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Hirurg

Constantly tempted to seek pleasure for yourself, you don't even consider the thought of sharing intimate moments with another. If this is the way you feel, your attitude may satisfy you in the short term, but you notice something is missing, you're disenchanted. 

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