Horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th

In the morning the luck is near

Horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th

In the morning the luck is near

Horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th

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Leo Oct. 18th

07/23 - 08/23

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In the morning the luck is near


Until about 4 pm today, there are three beautiful constellations of the Moon: Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, which will bring us well-being, incredible sensations, and happy experiences.

But then the Sun forms a square to Saturn, which slowly but surely will let our well-being fade to normality. That is also a time when we should get encouragement for the next two days since good things do not come by themselves now, as was around noon this Sunday.

The next two days are also not favorable for important decisions, as delays and inhibitions can be expected. That’s how Saturn works. But this is no reason for pessimism because after two days, its influence will wear off, and our initiatives for new activities can then take effect more freely.

Even if Saturn repeatedly thwarted our calculations, unfortunately, that has always been the case, and we know that very well from experience. Because in an Indian proverb, the great wisdom is:

“You have to throw a lot of stones so that at least one stone hits.”


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Daily horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs

Your uncontrollable energy is causing you big problems. You are in a state of inner turmoil and find it difficult to remain calm. 

Taurus horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
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Financial commitments can be problematic. The ideas you put forward during discussions aren’t effective and others will want to patronise you. 

Gemini horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © Gemini horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th

Introducing physical activities your positive feelings improve as you build on your core strength and the rhythm of your routine achieves a specific level of equilibrium, you feel fit and well-rested. Recognizing your vitality others come to rely on your strength in the event of any pressurized situation that crops up.. 

Cancer horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © Cancer horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th

You have to face up to an inner test of strength, constantly pressured by other people’s problems. They might even hurt your feelings or wind you up. 

Leo horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/DaniloAndjus

Your advice on financial affairs is much sought after, especially for projects you undertake with others. Share your knowledge freely with them, but don’t give everything away. 

Virgo horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/PeopleImages

Are you in need of money to invest in new projects? Then go ahead with your plans, because circumstances are favourable. 

Libra horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/blackCAT

Work you're involved in is more far-reaching than you expected. There are a number of new career prospects available to you. 

Scorpio horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/cream_ph

You should spend today with your partner. Together you should create a conscious time in which you can experience some romantic hours with each other. 

Sagittarius horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/fotostorm

Don't let time pass without the athletic ability you know you possess being fully utilized. What you learn to appreciate most is that exercise doesn't need any great effort on your part, it's your all round well-being that increases your fitness. 

Capricorn horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/GregorBister

Don't reject your loved-one, if he or she asks the dreaded question “What's wrong with you today?” If your only answer is a short “Nothing!” accompanied with a face as long as a fiddle, you will only stir up the anger of your partner. There is no shame in owning up to your bad mood and irritability. 

Aquarius horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/RgStudio

Your zest for life is infectious, allowing your family to enjoy your company and open manner. You feel strong enough to do just about anything. 

Pisces horoscope for Sunday, Oct. 18th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/AleksandarGeorgiev

Things have been changing for a long time and not everything has remained the same. Especially with regards to your love life, your partner and you don't connect as well as you did anymore. 

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