Capricorn horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

Capricorn horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

The stars are favourably inclined towards you
Capricorn horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

Capricorn horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

The stars are favourably inclined towards you

Capricorn horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

Love and partnership

Your in a splendid mood, you don't feel restricted in any way, and excitedly you want to make use of this day. Your sweetheart should feel the same way. Try it out. But maybe your partner simply wants you to listen to them and for you to give them a big hug. Or maybe your partner needs more caressing or more pleasurable time together? Observe your darling and their reactions and make use of your positive energy!

Working life

It's an appropriate time to put plans into action. Colleagues are keen to take advantage of your advice regarding certain projects you’ve shown a special interest in. Remain accessible then you're appreciated, any help you're able to give is likely to count in your favor when you need assistance from others later on.

Family and friendship

A naturally harmonious atmosphere exists between you and your private sphere. You are increasingly at the centre of things and are an important person of reference, which could place extra burdens on you. You have an abundance of energy, for yourself, your family and friends and are strong, calm and harmonious, strengthening family bonds. You can be sure that your loved ones will return your support when you need it.


Extremely proud of your body. Don't make this a reason to put your feet up or take your health for granted. Be sure to feed your body with the food it needs and appreciate how much it gives you in return. Plenty of exercise in the fresh air with like-minded individuals is a vibrant source of energy and vitality too.

Flirt - love for singles

You encourage others to be as enthusiastic about life as you are. Your fresh approach, combined with a laid-back attitude is bewitching for potential dates. Be careful when faced with choices, to ask yourself how serious this person's interest is in you. A short flirtation or the start of a more serious relationship.

Money and finances

The stars are favourably inclined towards you. Keep up this level of activity, because you have the right instinct for profitable business transactions. Negotiations on the right investments are made in good faith and are on target. If you don’t aim too high, many options will be open to you. Don’t let any outstanding financial claims go unpaid, since they will probably be positively resolved.

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