Libra horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

Libra horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

You should spend today with your partner
Libra horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

Libra horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

You should spend today with your partner

Libra horoscope for Friday, Nov. 6th

Money and finances

You should really be taking other people’s advice where money is concerned. Not because you can’t rely on your own luck, but because they will really help you out. You’d probably be offered attractive financial products if you talked to the experts. The same applies to other financial transactions or acquisitions. You’ll do fine on your own, but even better with the help of others.

Family and friendship

Family and friends feel especially drawn to you and are paying you a great deal of attention. If you’ve been intending to renew old friendships or resolve a dispute, but didn’t know how to go about it, now is the best time to cast aside your misgivings and go ahead. You will be welcomed and forgiven, and glad that you took the first step.

Love and partnership

You should spend today with your partner. Together you should create a conscious time in which you can experience some romantic hours with each other. Don't forget to nourish and cherish your relationship even if you have spent many years together. If you keep reminding each other of that and treat each other with respect, there is hardly any obstacle in your way to have a long lasting and happy relationship.

Flirt - love for singles

Aware of being able to get plenty of attention from admirers. Wherever you are, the looks you catch from others now and then are obvious and direct. Opportunities for romance are available but don't over-do it, be selective, for despite the many chances for romance, disappointment still causes heartache.

Working life

Teamwork is the way forward, your confidence and optimism motivates others. The interaction you have with colleagues is productive. Your ability to work in a group is accepted enthusiastically by those with whom you share tasks. You realize how much more can be achieved when pooling recourses with others.


Your natural composure and healthy diet helps nourish your mind and body. You're strong and the energy you possess is best used to influence others. Don't stay isolated, try to enthuse and motivate your friends. When you do, you appreciate how much fun athletic activity is when it's shared with others.

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