Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th

With a positive counterforce, we will overcome the hurdles of the day

Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th

With a positive counterforce, we will overcome the hurdles of the day

Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th

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Leo Nov. 13th

07/23 - 08/23

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With a positive counterforce, we will overcome the hurdles of the day

Friday, 13th! Let us not be influenced by it! Statistically, a day like any other, we can also prove it. But of course, in the past, on such days as on the other days, not only positive events occurred. These are reasonable facts suggesting us to speak against superstition, but unfortunately, such situations are not enough to dispel fear.

Fears come from the subconscious, where our past experiences lie, but we no longer know anything about it. And of course, our lives go back to the beginnings of evolution. One can imagine what has happened there and what is stored in our subconscious!

How do we dispel our fears?

The most straightforward, most effective, and even free means to free us from fears or negative influences is prayer, including the request for protection from our guardian angels. Everyone has one or even several. It is very easy. As soon as you have fears, you ask your guardian angel for protection or ask to be free from those fears. And then a prayer reinforces the matter.

You can do that at any time. During work, while driving, on the street, etc. Above all, every evening before going to sleep, you thank your guardian angel for the protection given throughout the day and about which we know nothing. For example, we don't know anything about what the Angel prevented us that day that would otherwise have harmed us very much!

Today, on this Friday, the 13th, there aren't too many favorable constellations in play that we could satisfy us. But that is also utterly meaningless if we enlist the help of our guardian angels. And they are just waiting for us to ask them for protection and support since they are there for us.

However, our request must come from free will, donated by the creator of the world himself. You know, there are also the so-called "fallen angels" who do not serve humanity's progress. On the contrary, they want to have their followers too. You have to choose the good voluntarily!

Just try it once if you've never done it before. With the Guardian Angels' request, we become strong because they surround us immediately when we turn to them. And so we are no longer alone; we are covered and protected by their strong positive forces instead.


Whoopi Goldberg (* 1955), Gerard Butler (*1969), Peter Härtling (*1933), Frances Conroy (*1953), Noah Hathaway (*1971)

Daily horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs

Aries horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/MmeEmil

If you feel your romantic life needs re-evaluating. Make an assessment of your personal life and understand what is positive, unique and desirable about you, also what you want and why from a relationship. 

Taurus horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/RAUL RODRIGUEZ

You have a very loving partner, but your heart currently only plays minor tunes and therefore it could happen that in regards to your love life, you don't feel like anything. Therefore, initially you should accept your changing feelings and start looking for alternatives. 

Gemini horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Raphael Angeli

If your work is criticized in a particularly harsh manner. Straightaway develop a thorough plan to improve your situation and accomplish any outstanding tasks. 

Cancer horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/Persians

You feel attractive and reveal your seductive approach with the captivating way you engage others in conversation. You receive admiring looks of approval from the people that matter most to you. 

Leo horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/1001slide

You are in a state of siege in your own home and in your family circle. People are criticising you constantly and you feel you’re doing everything wrong. 

Virgo horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/martin-dm

Your natural composure and healthy diet helps nourish your mind and body. You're strong and the energy you possess is best used to influence others. 

Libra horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/lortie

Maintain contacts and strengthen your social ties, especially with close friends and family. Don’t keep putting them off, because they really need to be near you now. 

Scorpio horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/cassinga

Why not plan a walking or city tour with your family? You will meet new people on the same wavelength. 

Sagittarius horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/senata

Your in a splendid mood, you don't feel restricted in any way, and excitedly you want to make use of this day. Your sweetheart should feel the same way. 

Capricorn horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/lenina11only

You’re fit and well and possess an insatiable need for physical activity. Consider how you might balance this urge with your sociability and take up dancing! 

Aquarius horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/zoranm

If the response you get from prospective dates is not always positive, consider how your approach might be improved. You may want to ask what you could change about yourself. 

Pisces horoscope for Friday, Nov. 13th
Photo: © istockphoto.com/ferrantraite

Your encounters run smoothly and amicably, like a peaceful flowing river. Family and friends would love to ride this wave with you. 

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