Daily Horoscope 6/2

Horoscope: Moon and Uranus Give a Good Love Chance Today

A positive conjunction between the Moon and Uranus makes the love sparks fly
Horoscope for Thursday, 2.6.2022

Special experiences through Uranus and the Moon

These special experiences will be brought about today by the positive connection between the Moon and Uranus. Uranus is always good for surprises, and in the Moon not only our emotional world is expressed, but especially the feminine or maternal. When these two qualities work together, inspirations of all kinds can occur. The area of relationships alone is so interesting - if we disregard the much higher inspirations for science and art for a moment - that one would have to deal with it more closely and in more detail.

Because when Uranus and the Moon come together in this positive aspect, there is a spark between man and woman. Why? Because basically this interaction of Moon and Uranus in this constellation makes them largely future-oriented! And immediately, when they meet, the question arises in the minds of those involved: What would it be like with him or her?

Whether or not something will come of it depends on many factors, of course. One of them is Mars, from which courage comes. If it is currently weak in both parties, there will be a lack of courage to ask a question or to pay a compliment. You may only get a smile or a meaningful look. After all, it's better than nothing, but the opportunity is probably lost. As is so often the case, isn't it? And then you have to wait again until a similar situation arises and hope that Mars will then be helpful.

These zodiac signs are favoured by Venus in matters of love right now.

June 2nd


Marcel Reich-Ranicki (1920 - 2013),  Wentworth Miller (*1972)

Saint's day


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Sun June 2022

Birthday: Gemini

Chinese zodiac sign:
虎 Water Tiger


moon (Cancer)

waxing crescent


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