Daily Horoscope 6/4/2022

Horoscope: Saturn Turns Retrograde – Here’s What You Should Watch Out for Today

From today until October 22nd Saturn is retrograde
Horoscope for Saturday, 6/4/2022

The most important astrological event today is the beginning of Saturn's retrograde. This will not end until 22 October 2022, so it will last for more than three months.

Now it is important for all signs of the zodiac to be careful in dealing with authorities, superiors or persons of law and order. Otherwise, in the event of a dispute, we will quickly find ourselves in a lost position. Apart from the fact that we should of course always treat all our fellow human beings respectfully and politely, Saturn is urging us to do so from today onwards.

And what does Saturn retrograde mean for the individual signs of the zodiac? You can read about this and what else you need to be aware of in our news article on Saturn retro grade.


Furthermore, there are two good connections of the Moon with Jupiter and Mars today, which is why there could be advantages for us in the areas of protection, goodwill and sociability as well as creativity, energy, optimism and courage.


You can read more about what Saturn in Aquarius means for your star sign here .

June 4th


Val McDermid (* 1955), Cecilia Bartoli (* 1966), Angelina Jolie (*  1975),  Bar Refaeli (* 1985)

Saint's day


Saturday, June 4, 2022

Sun June 2022

Birthday: Gemini

Chinese zodiac sign:
虎 Water Tiger


moon (Leo)

waxing crescent


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