Daily Horoscope 6/5/2022

Horoscope Pentecost Sunday: Harmony and Peace

Horoscope Pentecost Sunday: Harmony and Peace
Horoscope for Sunday, 5.6.2022

Pentecost Sunday is the day of the Holy Spirit and the day of the environment. And Goethe should not be absent on these two days of Pentecost either, whose epic in 12 cantos, "Reineke Fuchs", begins with the famous sentence: "Pfingsten, das liebliche Feste war gekommen." And the next verses also point to an auspicious springtime, which we may enjoy in God's beautiful nature. They read:

"Green and blossoming are field and forest; On hill and hillside, in bushes and hedges, A merry song the new-spirited birds practised; Every meadow sprouted with flowers in fragrant grounds, Festive cheerful shone the sky and colourful the earth;"

Wonderful poetry. Now as far as the Christian feast of Pentecost is concerned, the risen Christ, who visibly appeared to his apostles and also to many other people in his spiritual body, visibly took leave of mankind, returned to the sun on the one hand, but also remained in our earth as a spiritual body. ("I am with you always, even unto the end of the world"). Whoever lives according to his teaching of neighbourly love and does good, not only strengthens and elevates his own soul, but at the same time also strengthens the spiritual body of the Christ, who is connected with our earth, which is why through this a close relationship of the individual human being already happens during his lifetime with Christ on earth. And after the death of such a person, his soul is attracted by the immortal spirit of the Christ and received into His kingdom.

And as far as the Day of the Environment is concerned, which is being celebrated today, the starry world has also adjusted itself to this and has planned a good sextile connection between the Sun and the Moon, which is why there will be a good understanding between the sexes. And when this happens, the environment will at least have peace and quiet for once, because it will be spared as much as possible from human discord caused by disputes.

June 5th


Ken Follett (* 1949) Igor Strawinsky (1882 -1971), Imogen Poots (*1989), Sophie Lowe (1990), Amanda Crew (*1986), Mark Wahlberg (* 1971)

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Sun June 2022

Birthday: Gemini

Chinese zodiac sign:
虎 Water Tiger


moon (Leo)

waxing crescent


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