Daily Horoscope 6/13/2022

Mercury Moves Into Gemini – Why You Should Definitely Travel Now

Horoscope for Monday, 6/13
Horoscope for Monday, 6/13

Today Mercury moves into Gemini and stays there until 5 July 2022. When Mercury is in the zodiac sign of Gemini, which is one of his two home stays along with Virgo, he is gripped by a thirst for knowledge. He likes to devour everything new with great interest. Which then also transfers to us. Reason and intellect are now strongly activated. And also the commercial talent now becomes more noticeable. This is a time of many activities, but we should be careful not to let it degenerate into overwork or restlessness. Mercury in Gemini is witty, distinguished by rhetorical talent, loves studies and travel, has good judgement and a clear mind. In this respect, we like to be infected by its advantages now.

Which signs of the zodiac have a good holiday?

In the end, hopefully all of them ...! But of course the stars again favour some more than others. We have prepared the holiday horoscope for all zodiac signs:

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June 13th


Fernando Pessoa (1888 - 1935), Tim Allen (1953), Ashley Olsen (*1986) und Mary Kate Olsen (*1986), W.B. Yeats (1865 - 1939), Malcolm McDowell (* 1943), Ban Ki-moon (* 1944), Dave Franco (* 1985), Chris Evans (*1981)

Monday, June 13, 2022

Sun June 2022

Birthday: Gemini

Chinese zodiac sign:
虎 Water Tiger


moon (Sagittarius)

waxing gibbous


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