Daily Horoscope 14.6.2022

Horoscope: Full Moon in Sagittarius – Are You Affected by Its Energies?

Horoscope for Tuesday, 6/14/2022
Horoscope for Tuesday, 14.6.2022

The Full Moon in Sagittarius puts us in a generous and idealistic mood

In the so-called Full Moon constellation, the Moon and the Sun are always opposite each other in opposition, and this time the Moon is in the sign Sagittarius, which is now fully illuminated by the Sun, which is exactly opposite in the sign Gemini. This is why the effects of the sign Sagittarius are now more pronounced. Whereas the Sun and Moon are, among other things, the representatives of the male and female sexes. And when men and women sit opposite each other or face each other, it has an enormous effect that usually sets something in motion. The effect is much weaker, for example, when we perceive someone from the corner of our eye on the left or right. And the angle is nothing other than the so-called aspect, which has different effects.

So what are the qualities of the full moon in Sagittarius? Among other things, generosity, idealism and optimism. Furthermore, Sagittarius represents the areas of law, religion and philosophy, as well as the far journeys that are possible on our earth - and in a figurative sense, this also means the far journeys into the areas of the spirit. So all this is strongly addressed today. Of course, we should be warned against exaggeration, against too much idealism, against being unworldly and against raptures, because that can also happen.


June 14th


Boy George (*1961), Steffi Graf (*1969), Lang Lang (*1982), Ahmad Zahir (1946 - 1979), Gene Barry (1919-2009)

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Sun June 2022

Birthday: Gemini

Chinese zodiac sign:
虎 Water Tiger


The Moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn (

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