Daily Horoscope 6/21/2022

Horoscope: Does Your Star Sign Experience a Love Rush at the Beginning of Summer?

Horoscope for Tuesday, 6/21/2022
Horoscope for Tuesday, 6/21/2022

The beginning of summer with a love rush

What a day today! Summer begins as the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, which is why Cancerians born will now celebrate their birthdays, for which we offer our hearty congratulations! But that is not the only significant event today, there are others that we will discuss, but for now let's focus on the Cancers, they are the centre of attention today. But indirectly, so are we all.

The Sun in Cancer

When the Sun is in the sign of Cancer, the creative life forces within us are strongly stimulated. This includes first of all the imagination, which is necessary to awaken concepts and ideas in us, which we can only realise afterwards. Furthermore, our sensitivity is strongly stimulated, as well as our domesticity and sense of family, for which Cancerians are known.

My home is my castle is the motto of the sensitive Cancerians, whose planet is the moon, which explains the strong emotional emphasis and the wealth of feelings of the Cancerians. It is true that the Cancerians are very dependent on their feelings - and this can go as far as moodiness - but as a cardinal sign they are also or nevertheless very strong in asserting themselves. What they want, they will also achieve. Behind their great sensitivity there is also a strong will, - so one should not deceive oneself in them because of their sensitivity.

Pluto awakens the power of love

The love frenzy that will also take place in many of us today is caused by the favourable trine between Venus and Pluto. This constellation will continue for several days, which is why this time of sex appeal will leave many with unforgettable days in the form of memories. A strong libido will make itself felt, as will intense desires, extraordinary attraction and a strong sense of love. But also the artistic talents are strongly addressed now, and this is additionally a very good time for the artistically active among us.


And there is another very remarkable constellation today, namely the monthly conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter, which will prove to be a stroke of luck for many of us! So watch carefully and seize the opportunities! Possibly an interesting person will run across our path, whom we should perhaps march after? The motor activity of the steps has often suddenly given rise to an interesting idea. - And if nothing comes up in terms of ideas with the athletics we have started and nothing else, we can turn off at some point, whereby the few more steps of movement have certainly not done us any harm.

June 21st


Prince William (*1982), Lana Del Rey (*1985), Jane Russell (1921- 2011), Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 -  1980), Pipilotti Rist (* 1962), David Morrissey (*1964)

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Sun June 2022

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