Daily Horoscope 6/23

Venus in Gemini Brings Love Luck to These 3 Zodiac Signs

Horoscope for Thursday, 6/23
Horoscope for Thursday, 6/23

Venus in Gemini brings profound thoughts

At the beginning of summer, Venus moves into the air sign Gemini and unfolds here in a wonderful way. Our thoughts and feelings are now refined and we perceive many things more consciously. During this phase, we can better name and perceive the subtle nuances of our inner life.

Venus can now awaken profound thoughts in us. We may now be able to better understand our feelings, insecurities, or motivations ourselves and, above all, to communicate them to our fellow human beings.

Interestingly, we also become more truthful. It is a time when we want to and should be more open and honest with people.

The written and spoken word, in poetry, poetry writing, and storytelling, now takes on a higher significance. Especially people who are professionally active in this field are now kissed by the muse. Or the passion for literature is just awakening now?

These 3 signs of the zodiac now expect love luck

 Three zodiac signs, in particular, can now hope for a particularly beautiful love season. Besides the Gemini themselves, these are Aquarius and Libra. They don't need to do much at all, love will find its way to them and make the start of summer easy! Wherever they turn up, they are sure to get attention.

But Aries and Leo can also look forward to some support from the goddess of love. If they have the courage to make the first step and approach their crush, their efforts will certainly be received very favorably. For they too have a great charisma, which, even if perhaps not so radiant, is very attractive to those around them.

How do the other signs of the zodiac fare when Venus is in Gemini? Click here to read more about Venus in Gemini.

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Thursday, June 23, 2022

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