Daily Horoscope 24.6.2022

Horoscope: Do You Develop Unusual Love Ideas?

Horoscope for Friday, 6/24/2022
Horoscope for Friday,  6/24/2022

Love and extraordinary love ideas

We have recently discussed that Venus in Gemini now takes on a charming character, an easy-going, happy, cheerful, very receptive and enthusiastic one, because we are now also influenced by nature around us with so much variety and novelty. The luxuriantly newly arisen and in turn generously giving itself away plant life with its splendour of blossoms influences us, as it penetrates us with beneficial effects.

And since the sign Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, reason and (logical) action, these areas are now also very much at the centre of our lives. Thinking, speaking, acting are the essential categories that Mercury conveys and teaches us. Thinking and speaking correctly is not that easy. And with our actions we must also always make sure that they fulfil a criterion so that they are also a correct action, and this criterion, as we know, is called logic.


What is logic, in a nutshell and thus to the point?

To always consider all the possibilities that exist and not to act according to the first possibility that comes to mind. And this already brings us to the first difficulty that can arise, because most of the time there are numerous possibilities and not just one. And sometimes there are possibilities that are impossible to think of at the moment, despite all the efforts of thought, because they will only become apparent in the future.

As can be the case, for example, when opening a business. You seem to have considered everything, then you take the plunge - and unfortunately this courageous venture still leads to total bankruptcy.


So what is the right way to act?

That is the question. But first we would like to point out that there is another important criterion that we should take into account in all our actions, namely morality, the moral principles as laid down in the Ten Commandments of God. Moral principles distinguish between good and evil. And if we do not want to perish in the end and sink into the realm of evil, we must always strive to act well and thus morally right.

But how does that work?

Basically, it is quite simple, but only once we know how to do it. And many of us already know this and act accordingly. The solution to the riddle is: We must ask the angels to advise us in our decisions, and after this request, the quick responses will come from them in the form of thought impulses.

Of course, we also know that there are not only the good angels, but also the fallen ones. The fallen angels - and there are a lot of them - tell us not to ask God or his good angels for help, because they already have enough to do and it would be very selfish to ask them.

This argumentation sounds somehow logical, and that is why many of us allow ourselves to be influenced by these trains of thought of the fallen angels, - therefore act according to our own discretion and continue to make our mistakes.

The apparently logical-sounding conclusion

This conclusion, which sounds so logical from the fallen angels, and by whom we allow ourselves to be influenced, is nevertheless wrong, because it is based on ignorance. The fallen angels only want to take us away from God with this seemingly logical conclusion! They actually want us to have no contact with God or with His angels. This is the actual background of their thought processes.

In reality, however, the angels want to be allowed to help us, because in the end we are far from being able to know everything that is necessary in the various actions. And then they are happy to help us, because they are there for us. And the only prerequisite is that we ask them for help. So we have to want them to help us, in accordance with the freedom of will that prevails in the cosmos. In any case, the good angels know. The fallen ones don't, they only pretend to know, so they deceive us, which ultimately also amounts to a lie.

My advice: Try it out!


24. Juni


Marc Chagall (1887– 1985), Jeff Beck (*1944), Minka Kelly (*1980), Solange Knowles (*1986)

Friday, June 24, 2022

Sun June 2022

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虎 Water Tiger


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