Daily Horoscope 6/25/2022

Horoscope: Do You Have a Spiritual Experience Today?

Horoscope for Saturday, 6/25/2022
Horoscope for Saturday,6/25/2022

Lots of imagination, sensitivity and spirituality

The Moon, in sextile conjunction with Neptune, is again active for us today, so we could make the most of the day with the offerings that come from the two planets. For many of us, a strong dream life is likely to make itself felt. Perhaps there are valuable clues that can help us with certain problems. For the Moon-Neptune connection also gives us an inner seeing.

And sensitivity is not only a quality that poets need to write poetry, but a characteristic that also shows itself outwardly in people and that we observe with fascination when we notice it in a person. Such a person then has a very special effect that fascinates us and of which we are in awe. Everything is mysterious to us. But what is it that emanates from the soul of such a person?

Love is certainly there, love as a quietly working divine power and force that harmonises and makes beautiful. And in the end, it is above all the spirit of God that works in such a person and spreads contentment

June 25th


George Orwell (1903 – 1950), Eric Carle (*1929), Linda Cardellini (*1975), Simone Zaza (*1991), George Michael (1963-2016), Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926)

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Sun June 2022

Birthday: Cancer

Chinese zodiac sign:
虎 Water Tiger


The Moon moves from Taurus to Gemini (

waning crescent


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