Daily Horoscope 9/24/2022

According to the Horoscope: Here We Are on the Test Bench

Horoscope for Saturday, 9/24/2022
Horoscope for Saturday, 9/24/2022
Horoscope for Saturday, 9/24/2022

Our love behaviour is put to the test today

Venus and Neptune form an opposition with each other today, which will last for about three or four days. And with that, we already know that the love area expressed by Venus can be deceived by Neptune.

That is what Neptune is known for, after all, and that is when it sets out and encounters critical angles. So Neptune, the planet of higher, divine love and intuitions, can also act in quite the opposite way. Like every planet, by the way. And that is why we are just like the planets, because we are born out of them, which is why we all have good and evil within us. And it therefore always depends "only" on us how we act, one way or the other, namely good or evil.

Venus in opposition to Neptune has a lot to offer in the area of relationships and love, the palette is wide. The term jealousy, which could come up today, sounds almost the most harmless. We all know this characteristic. And a little jealousy is normal, we think, and that's what comforts us. That's fine. But at what point is jealousy no longer normal? That's a question we can only answer when we ourselves get into a situation that is suspicious of jealousy.

Today that would be possible. And it is guaranteed to help and largely prevent jealousy if we resolve not to let ourselves be provoked.

24. September 24th


Jim Henson (1936 – 1990), Linda McCartney (1941 – 1998), F. Scott Fitzgerald (*1896 - 1940), Charlotte Dod (1871 - 1960), John Young (* 1930), Jessica Lucas (* 1985)


Saint's day


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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Sun September 2022

Birthday: Libra

Chinese zodiac sign:
虎 Water Tiger


moon (Virgo)

waning crescent


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