Darlings of Fortune week 41 2016

Will you be one of the luckiest ones this week? The stars could help it to find it out when you know about your concrete dates of birth! Darlings of fortune from October 10th - October 16th 2016.

Darlings of Fortune week 41

“The Way is not in the sky; the Way is in the heart.”

Gautama Buddha

Thoughts about Luck:

“I have lived with several Zen masters -- all of them cats.”  (Eckhart Tolle)

A room without books is like a body without a soul. (Marcus Tullius Cicero)

Horoscope Love | Photo: ©
katie_martynova - Fotolia.com

Love, pleasure, harmony

Dates of birth:

May. 09th - May. 19th

Jul. 11th - Jul. 21st

Sep. 12th - Sep. 21st

Nov. 11th - Nov. 20th

Jan. 10th - Jan. 19th

Mar. 09th - Mar. 18th

horoscope money | Photo: ©iStock.com/
Alexander Raths

Profession, communication, ideas, money

Dates of birth:

Mar. 24th - Apr. 06th

May. 25th - Jun. 06th

Jul. 27th - Aug. 07th

Sep. 27th - Oct. 08th

Nov. 26th - Dec. 08th

Jan. 25th - Feb. 05th

horoscope luck | Photo: ©iStock.com/
Giorgio Pulcini

Fortune within all parts of life

Dates of birth:

Mar. 26th - Mar. 28th

May. 27th - May. 29th

Jul. 28th - Jul. 30th

Sep. 28th - Sep. 30th

Nov. 27th - Nov. 29th

Jan. 26th - Jan. 28th

horoscope surprise | Photo: ©iStock.com/

Pleasurable opportunities

Dates of birth:

Jun. 12th - Jun. 14th

Aug. 14th - Aug. 16th

Oct. 15th - Oct. 17th

Dec. 13th - Dec. 15th

Feb. 11th - Feb. 13th

horoscope creativity | Photo: ©iStock.com/
Gregory Leee

Inspiration, creativity

Dates of birth:

Apr. 29th - May. 01st

Jul. 01st - Jul. 03rd

Sep. 01st - Sep. 03rd

Nov. 01st - Nov. 03rd

Dec. 30th - Jan. 01st

Feb. 28th - Mar. 01st

horoscope energy | Photo: ©iStock.com/

Energy, activity

Dates of birth:

Apr. 27th - May. 03rd

Jun. 29th - Jul. 05th

Aug. 31st - Sep. 06th

Oct. 31st - Nov. 05th

Dec. 29th - Jan. 04th

Feb. 27th - Mar. 04th

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