Aquarius Daily horoscope | Foto: ©

Aquarius is a flirt machine today

Aquarius daily horoscope, Feb. 11th
Aquarius Daily horoscope | Foto: ©

Aquarius is a flirt machine today

Aquarius daily horoscope, Feb. 11th

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
7:32 AM Moon Trine Pluto
11:37 AM Moon Trine Saturn
12:29 PM Moon Square Mars
5:39 PM Moon → Libra

Aquarius is a flirt machine today

Love and partnership

Even if you are still carrying many problems from your past with you, today, you should only look ahead! Don't be afraid of the changes! Let yourself be carried away! You will see yourself that as soon as you don't think about it anymore, a surprise in love matters will enter your life. But even then you should stay relaxed and natural! Enjoy the new beginning!


Extensive goals you set yourself require strength and endurance. To improve your fitness regime, take every opportunity you can to be even healthier. Alter your eating habits and continually increase your endurance. Make plenty of time to relax between sessions; only a person in peak condition delivers their best.

Working life

Career changes you've long had in mind are finally within your grasp. You feel energetic and able to take the problematic initial steps towards your advancement. Meaningful support is available from different sources. Even if at first, you feel reluctant, don't waste this opportunity to push yourself forward and progress.

Flirt - love for singles

You're likely to experience a surprise, especially where love and romance are concerned. Don't be afraid of any new experience, as long as you don't become tongue-tied when you are first introduced to the person of your dreams instead of appreciating the unforgettable feelings you experience at this memorable time.

Money and finances

In financial matters, a lot can change for you today. Communicate your ideas and pay attention to the words that are given back to you. There is a lot of good advice to hide there that will prove to be profitable in the long term. Just be careful not to get lost in trivia in the conversations. Otherwise, the source of inspiration will quickly dry up again. 

Family and friendship

Don't hesitate to let people into your far-reaching plans. They will be curious and interested in hearing about your ideas, giving you some useful advice at the same time. Take criticism seriously. This will help you to become more aware of your weaknesses and to make progress with your previous plans, improving your chances of success.

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