Horoscope May 2022

On These Days You Have the Best Chances for Love

The best astrological dates to find your dream partner
Monthly Horoscope May 2022

The best love dates in May

May 3: Venus ⚹extile Pluto: Love power.

May 4: Jupiter ⚹extile Pluto: Great luck possible. - Mars ⚹extile Uranus: Rapid success is possible.

May 5: Sun conjunct Uranus: Interesting new developments.

May 6: Mercury ⚹extile Venus: Communication of love.

May 7: Sun ⚹extile Mars: Initiatives and much power.

May 19: Sun trine Pluto: Assertiveness.

May 20: Mercury ⚹extile Jupiter: Professional, financial and communication luck.

May 23: Sun ⚹extile Jupiter: Great luck possible in all areas.

May 24: Venus ⚹extile Saturn: Faithfulness and honest love.

May 25: Mercury trine Pluto: Good ideas.

May 29: Mars conjunct Jupiter: Good fortune possible through personal initiative.

The lilies of the valley ring

Year after year the month of May makes everything new! Miracles upon miracles happen every day, spring drives the life forces out of the plants with unbelievable power, so that you can't get out of looking and marvelling! And a very special feature of the month of May is the lily of the valley, which exudes its wild and beguiling fragrance of love for us and thus clearly draws our attention to the heavenly power of love! And in addition, it rings very quietly with its little head, which is shaped like a bell, but which only the very sensitive among us can hear.

beautiful caucasian couple just married on the seashore

beautiful caucasian couple just married on the seashore

Real love

Real love only comes about through togetherness, but this requires certain conditions. (The egoist, who mainly cultivates love for himself, admittedly has no idea of these conditions). In order to emphasise the importance of togetherness, one only needs to think of the opposite - of loneliness. And already we become aware of the high quality of life of togetherness.


But togetherness only succeeds if we do not exaggerate the egoism in us - which is also necessary for life - and reduce it to a healthy level, so that the love partner (whoever or whatever it is) can exist equally in this togetherness.

As is well known, these relationships between people are not always easy, and there are many different kinds of relationships, such as love for children, parents, brothers and sisters, etc. The most difficult relationships are often those between people who are in love with each other. The most difficult relationships are often those between life partners, for the most diverse reasons, which are as numerous as there are people with all their idiosyncrasies. So there is plenty of eternal material in literature or films!

True love is a willingness to sacrifice

But the basic rule for every relationship is that it only works well if each partner is equally willing to serve the other. True love is a willingness to sacrifice. That is the great secret of true love.

Whoever has recognised this and lives according to it will be permanently satisfied, and this relationship will also survive all the difficult situations which are indicated by the stars and which do not fail to occur in life.

beautiful young woman in white dress and floral wreath holding wedding bouquet in botanical garden

beautiful young woman in white dress and floral wreath holding wedding bouquet in botanical garden

The wise man rules the stars

This classical proverb expresses that the wise man will not at all let himself be oppressed by difficult constellations of the stars that come his way, and certainly will not let himself be influenced to such an extent that he allows himself to be pushed into a hopeless situation!


Instead, he will wisely accept and analyse the circumstances at hand and then start countermeasures. In this way, the tables are turned. So one does not let the difficult situations that suddenly arise get one down, but masters them, whereby then, however, through our actions, completely new possibilities arise that no one, not even the stars, could have foreseen. For the Creator of heaven and earth has given us the freedom of will with which we can bring our unique individuality into the further events of the world.

This is how the wise man reacts. He is ultimately the boss, the regent, the king. Of course, it is difficult to react in this way, but whoever makes an effort will gain a little of this wisdom.

The wonderful times of love in May

Despite all our efforts to have a good relationship life, we should not disregard the gifts of the stars that are offered to us in May. There are quite beautiful times in May for a wonderful beginning of love happiness, times for deepening love, times for a revival of a love that had almost fallen asleep, times for a loving day out, etc., right up to a pleasing wedding date. Many things are under the favourable influence of the stars in May, you just have to take the initiative yourself, that's what matters. Who dares, wins, is also an old wisdom that comes from the stars.

Bride and groom sitting together on rustic staircase and holding balloons

Bride and groom sitting together on rustic staircase and holding balloons

Using the whole range of love

Of course, love is not limited to interpersonal love relationships, as we know, but there is also love for animals, for plants, for minerals etc. and for the whole world with its good effects. And there is also the love of art and culture, the love of work and the love of all our leisure activities.

The conclusion or wisdom of all these love relationships is: As long as we maintain a relationship with other people, animals, plants etc. and with necessary or also ideal activities (such as work, art, culture) and keep it active, there is no loneliness!

We wish all our readers much love luck in the month of May and much success in their honest efforts!

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