August Horoscope

These Five Zodiac Signs Attract Good Things in August According to Their Horoscope

All planetary positions in August and the horoscopes for the zodiac signs
Monthly Horoscope August 2022

Welcome to the hot summer month of August! From now on its sunshine, lying on the beach under palm trees, flirting, having fun, and going to festivals. If you prefer the quiet, spend time in the garden on your own, or with friends at a lake, or lie in a hammock reading a nice book in one hand, and holding a cool cocktail in the other!

Where are the most important planets in the month of August?

The Sun moves through Leo until the 24th of August. After that, it passes through Virgo. All solar aspects in August 2022

Mercury stays in three signs. Until the 5th of August in Leo, where you will think creatively. Then until the 27th of August in Virgo, where you may experience a bit of anxiety, and will perfect all tasks. And then until the 31st of August in Libra, where you will attract a lot of beauty, and think objectively about situations. All Mercury aspects.

Venus stays in Cancer until the 12th of August. Afterwards, in Leo. All Venus aspects

Mars moves through Taurus until the 21st of August. Afterwards, through Gemini. All Mars aspects

Jupiter continues to move through Aries. All Jupiter aspects

Saturn continues to move through Aquarius. All Saturn aspects

Whenever a planet changes signs, the aspects of the Suns of the individual zodiac signs change. Three categories have effects on us: good, neutral and tense.

Monatshoroskop August 22

Wende dein Gesicht der Sonne zu. Dann fallen die schatten hinter dich. (Aus Afrika)

The winning zodiac signs for August

These five zodiac signs are particularly favored by two planets in August: Leo, Virgo, and Libra from Mercury, and Cancer and Leo from Venus. Important and right decisions are planned for them, as well as beneficial, harmonious, pleasurable, and loving times.



Aries have rather difficult love stars at the beginning. But that changes completely from the middle of the month. Will they find great love? Read more...


Taurus shows full commitment, because the Sun and Mars give full power. Will their flirting efforts pay off? Read more...


The twins experience a month of the highest feelings of happiness. What might be the reason for this? Read more...


The otherwise so sensitive and moody Cancer seems balanced and relaxed in August. What leads them to this attitude towards life? Read more...

Die Qualitäten der Planeten

Venus stands for love, art, and pleasure.

Mars stands for strength, courage, and initiative.

Sun stands for self-confidence, vitality, and well-being.

Mercury stands for communication, logical thinking, and willingness to learn.

Jupiter stands for morality, higher education, and wish fulfillment.

Saturn stands for restrictions, bad mood, and thriftiness.


Leo develops superpowers because the Sun gives it a lot of power. Where will you use your energy? Read more.


If you fall in love with a Virgo this month, you shouldn't be surprised - more likely, this Virgo has been chosen for you...but Virgo's beauty simply blows everyone away and brings inspiration - even if sometimes they don't see it that way. Or do they? Read more..


Libra is the sign of change. Saturn calls for further development. Is Libra brave enough to take the first step? Read more...


The usually electrifying Scorpio needs a break from stress in August. A holiday is the perfect answer. But is it that easy? Read more..


For Sagittarius, everything is possible in August - including meeting a great love. What is the best way to do this? Read more..


With initiative and commitment, Capricorn could achieve a lot, because Mars gives it a lot of power. Read more..


Aquarius could be happy about small and big gifts, because the lucky planet Jupiter benefits it. Are you ready to recognize the small gifts of life? Read more..


During the summer month, Pisces will experience beautiful flirtations and great love. Will you meet the person of your dreams? Read more

Monthly horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs

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