June Horoscope

Aquarius: Great Opportunities Thanks to Jupiter

This is how the stars align for Aquarius in June 2022
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope June 2022

Restrictions Due to Venus

Love planet Venus will be in a square aspect until the 23rd of June, which is why there will probably be certain restrictions in the areas of love, art and pleasure. However, from the 24th of June on, things suddenly become very good, because Venus changes into the sign Gemini, and now the critical square suddenly becomes a very conducive trine! There you go, but somehow such sudden changes are quite in the spirit of the Aquarians anyway, since their planet Uranus always causes such sudden changes in them. Much love, artistic pleasure and general enjoyment is now to be expected! Thank you very much!

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Mars Sends Energy Throughout

Energy planet Mars forms a favourable trine from Aries throughout the month, which is why there will now be plenty of energy, power and enterprise. With this, you can now really accomplish a lot!

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The Sun Makes You Happy

The Sun as life-giver is very well placed in Gemini until the 21st of June, and the trine position formed with it, which is why there will be a lot of joie de vivre, optimism and vitality! On the 22nd of June, the Sun then changes into the sign Cancer, which is why things continue satisfactorily with the neutral quincunx angle.

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Mercury Urges Caution

Mercury, the thinker, is in Taurus until the 13th of June, and thus in a square position, which is why there could be errors and difficulties in the area of communication. So, be careful not to make any mistakes yourself. You can't do anything about mistakes and errors made by others anyway, you just have to correct them. Mercury can also indirectly interfere with your business. But from the 14th of June on, things will suddenly improve, because here too, a square will suddenly become a very beneficial trine, which is why the whole area of communication will now work well again! This is something to really look forward to!

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Jupiter Brings New Possibilities

Lucky planet Jupiter stays in Aries for the whole month, forming a favourable sextile, which is why there can be wonderful opportunities in all areas of life. This is also something to look forward to! Thank you, Jupiter!

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Saturn is a Teacher

Stern Saturn continues to be in your own sign of Aquarius, making sure that not everything goes as smoothly as you'd like. The learning factor from this time, is to continue having a lot of patience, be satisfied with less for the moment, make new considerations, and form new structures, so that with what is currently left, you have created a good foundation on which you can build in the future!

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Monthly Horoscope June 2022

Monthly Horoscope June 2022
June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


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