June Horoscope

Capricorn: Lots of Love but Stormy Times Too

This is how the stars align for Capricorn in the month of June
Capricorn Monthly Horoscope June 2022

Venus Brings Much Love

Love planet Venus is in a very good trine position until the 23rd of June, which is why its benefits can now be enjoyed in a generous way. On the 24th of June, Venus changes into the sign Gemini, creating a quincunx angle. Things continue well in the love, art and pleasure area. So you can thank Venus, and blow her a kiss in the midnight sky.

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Mars Makes you Irritable

However, energy planet Mars is in Aries for the whole month, and thus in the square position, which is why its negative traits can now also appear. And that means an irritable mood, impulsiveness, and possibly also quarrelsomeness. This is the effect of Mars in this aspect position. It is therefore advisable to exercise restraint, so that you can avoid these negative manifestations. Rest is also recommended now, and long walks in nature are a very good way to handle its energy. 

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The Sun Urges You to Take it Easy

The Sun creates all life, and is in the quincunx angle until the 21st of June, and thus neutral, with which you can be satisfied. However, on the 22nd of June, the Sun changes into the sign Cancer, creating an opposition. Then, you should take it easy, because the vital forces of the Sun don't come through one hundred percent. Long walks among trees are advisable, for example, so that you can get your strength from nature. 

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No Disturbance by Mercury

Mercury, the thinker, is in a very good position until the 13th of June, namely in an advantageous trine position, which is why you should now take advantage of the good opportunities that are available in all professional, financial and spiritual spheres. On the 14th of June, Mercury changes into the sign Gemini, creating a neutral quincunx angle, which is also satisfactory.

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Jupiter Tempts to Carelessness

Lucky planet Jupiter, however, forms a square throughout the month, so beware of its negative manifestations, which are: presumptuous behaviour, carelessness, being wasteful, and an improper diet. Conflicts with superiors should be avoided at all costs, so rather keep quiet until things get better among the stars for you. If you succeed in all this, you can also count on Jupiter's good gifts.

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Saturn puts Capricorn on the Right Track

Austere Saturn is in Aquarius, forming a neutral semi-sextile that you can be happy with. Saturn will therefore provide good living conditions in the long run. It sets the direction, but you have to fulfill it yourself!

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Monthly Horoscope June 2022

Monthly Horoscope June 2022
June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


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