June Horoscope

Leo: In June the Spirit of Enterprise Increases

This is how the stars align for Leo in the month of June
Leo Monthly Horoscope June 2022

Through Venus Leo Tends to Wastefulness

Venus is in square to the Sun of Leo until the 23rd of June, which is why its negative qualities can now come to the fore, which are: unrestrained love inclinations, disharmony, tendency to waste, unwillingness, moodiness, being unsatisfied, unnecessary spending, and health disorders due to excessive indulgence. The small consolation is that all signs experience these conditions once in a while at regular intervals. From the 24th of June, Venus is in a positive sextile to the Sun of Leo, bringing all her positive gifts and qualities, creating highlights in all Venusian areas!

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Mars Makes you Enterprising

Energy planet Mars is in a wonderful trine, which will bring lots of energy, enterprise and determination throughout the month. Thank you, Mars!

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From the Sun There is Optimism at First

The Sun is in a great position until the 21st of June, and good after that, which is why there will be a lot of joie de vivre, vitality and optimism coming from it!

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At First, Disturbances in Communication Due to Mercury

However, Mercury is square until the 13th of June, which is why there could be difficulties in all the areas of communication, finance and work. So pay attention and tackle the problems right away, if any arise. From the 14th of June, no more difficulties should arise, because Mercury will form a favourable sextile again.

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Lucky Opportunities Thanks to Jupiter

Lucky planet Jupiter continues to form a wonderful trine, which is why you can always count on favourable opportunities, and promotions! Your self-confidence will be thriving!

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Saturn will Continue to block

Saturn continues to be in opposition, so disturbances and difficulties are to be expected and should be dealt with right away. Jupiter will help with this, because it is in a particularly favourable position!

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Monthly Horoscope June 2022

Monthly Horoscope June 2022
June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


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