June Horoscope

Scorpio: Many Things Ease Up At the End of June

This is how the stars align for Scorpio in June 2022
Scorpio Monthly Horoscope June 2022

Venus Creates Quarrels in the Family

Venus, the love planet, is in opposition until the 23rd of June, which is why you can now expect its negative manifestations, which are: falling in love, or lust, with the wrong people, disharmony, wasting things, unwillingness, feeling unstable, not feeling grateful, buying things you don't need, as well as ill health due to indulging in one too many pizzas and milshakes! The small consolation, is that all signs experience these conditions at regular intervals. This way, we can fully appreciate the positive qualities of Venus all the better again, and enjoy them to the full. From the 24th of June onwards, things will get better, as Venus will then enter the sign Gemini, forming the neutral angle of the quincunx. As I said, things are slowly getting better again.

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Mars Gives Enough Energy

Energy planet Mars is in a neutral quincunx position throughout the month, so you can count on sufficient energy, courage, drive, assertiveness, healthy competition, and determination!

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Sun Gives Zest for Life From the 24th of June

The Sun, as the giver of life, is in a good quincunx position until the 23rd of June. From the 24th of June, it is in an even better position, a trine angle, and this creates a lot of life energy, joie de vivre and optimism, for which you can thank the Sun warmly.

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Disturbances in Communication Due to Mercury until the 13th of June

Mercury, the thinker, is in opposition to Scorpio, in the sign of Taurus until the 13th of June. Therefore, you have to reckon with disturbances in the whole field of communication, and this includes the professional and financial fields. If problems arise, you should get to work on solving them right away, which is what you are known for! From the 14th of June on, things will get better, because now there is a quincunx position.

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Positive Benefits from Jupiter

Lucky planet Jupiter is in Aries, and therefore also in a neutral quincunx position, which is why you can probably count on its benefits from time to time.

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Saturn Could Still Bring Obstacles

Strict Saturn continues to be in a square, which could mean difficulties and hindrances. But difficulties are there to be fixed, and Scorpios are known to stand resolutely against them until things get done.

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Monthly Horoscope June 2022

Monthly Horoscope June 2022
June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


June Horoscope


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