Monthly Horoscope June 2022

These Major Planets Affect Your Best Holiday Month in June

Monthly Horoscope June 2022
Monthly Horoscope June 2022

How Will the Early Summer and Holiday Season be in June?

How will the holiday season be for us in June, or how will June be otherwise, as a normal working month? We will now examine this, and see how the planets affect us in our monthly horoscope, by looking at the most important planets in our solar system!

The Different Tasks of the Sexes

As is well known, mankind is made up of men and women with different functions and tasks, but these are so complicated and complex, that one can probably discuss them forever.

However, astrology has always depicted the differences and contrasts, and also the different tasks between men and women, very aptly in the horoscope as an opposition, since Mars (the man) opposes Venus (the woman).

You learn more in a foreign land than at home. (Proverb from Tanzania)

You learn more in a foreign land than at home. (Proverb from Tanzania)

The Mars - Venus Axis of Action

Every astrologer has his own method, and we have one too. And that is why we start our interpretation from the "Mars - Venus Axis of Action," because the different ways that Mars and Venus act, seem to be the most important for our life together, be it during the holiday season, in our daily private lives, or in our normal professional lives.

The most important other planets that have an influence on us are also taken into account, but primarily we start from the "Mars - Venus Axis of Action."

What do Mars and Venus actually want?

This is the eternal question for many, and also occupied the  mind of Sigmund Freud, for example. So, what are the different and most important qualities of Mars and Venus?


Mars is the origin of life, initiator, has procreative power, determination, courage, the use of force, and the will to win. Without Mars, nothing works. We feel this very clearly when Mars is weakened in us, because then we can be sluggish and listless, incapable of anything.

Mars therefore acts actively, and one can even add more clearly, that in Mars (actually unconsciously), the duty of life also comes to the fore, which has to be fulfilled.

Venus, on the other hand, acts passively; the fulfilment of life's duty is also expressed, but in a passive way. That is to say, she acts or adjusts herself to what Mars initiates. This also develops a special intelligence, because Venus feels "compelled" to adjust to the respective situation, and to make the best of it.

Whether she always succeeds is another question, of course, but at least she tries. And, out of this way of acting, develops the basic need to make the best out of every situation. "Making a virtue out of necessity" is a proverb that also characterises the situation very aptly. And, that is also a quality and ability that men, of course, also greatly appreciate and admire in women.

Here is a small example from everyday life. Conjuring up a wonderful meal from ingredients in the fridge, is such an amazing quality. Also, the ability to decoarate, and make a house a home is very special. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step (Lao Tzu).

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step (Lao Tzu).

The Special Tasks of Venus

In addition to acting passively, from which a special intelligence develops, there are also other goals that Venus strives for, and which are also appreciated by Mars. Her main task is obviously in the area of tenderness, love and eroticism, which she wants to bring into the world. And the children that mature in them, as a result, are then also the greatest gift from heaven itself.


In addition, however, there are numerous other areas that are worth striving for, and these include the entire area of beauty, which does not only refer to people, but to everything in the world, including all the beautiful objects and products around us.

Beauty is an Umbrella Term for Everything Good

For the opposite of beauty is ugliness, which is the expression of a sort of evil. However, we should never forget that beauty, and all that goes with it, should also only be achieved by moral means, if we want to remain in the realm of the good. 

Subcategories of beauty are, for example, harmony, good manners, good taste, which also includes pleasurable food, spiritual and humorous conversations, and the entire and extensive field of art with handicrafts, entertainment, joy and pleasure up to the very highest level, which we can call luxury, but where the problems begin, is if it is only concentrated on material possessions, and goes to extremes there. For striving for, and constantly craving material luxury, alongside starving people, is morally indefensible.

The comfortable is rarely the right thing.

The comfortable thing is rarely the right thing. (Ernst Wiechert)

When is Luxury Justifiable?

As a positive manifestation of luxury, we could, for example, describe a beautifully tended garden, which is created through our work, diligence and love, which is then a joyful and invigorating manifestation, not only for ourselves, but also for our neighbours and the whole environment. For the word "luxury" contains "lux", which means light. And in the light are also the highest spiritual beings of the cosmos.


So these listed areas are all the positive manifestations of Venus. Of course, there are also negative ones, and they are all reversed. Harmony then becomes disharmony, - and if that happens, then the holiday, private life, or professional life will be disturbed.

To avoid this, we make our analysis, whereby our starting point will be the "Mars - Venus Axis of Action." Because we then know what we have to pay attention to, or what remains unfulfillable.

Our Idealistic Holiday Expectations

Looking forward to the coming holiday is wonderful, and there is nothing we like better than to cultivate our idealistic ideas a few weeks beforehand, and dream about them with pleasure. However, these are only dreams that do not guarantee a wonderful holiday. For, if our holiday is to succeed, we must first look inside ourselves - which we do with the help of astrology - to find out which forces are currently at work within us, and also in our partners and children. This gives us a realistic view of things. And when we then adjust to this, and accept reality, only then, is there the possibility of really experiencing a successful and wonderful holiday.

Whoever goes on a journey has something to tell...

Whoever goes on a journey has something to tell...

Venus Comes First

We start our analysis for a good holiday, or work time, with Venus. Why? Because she is the representative of love, tenderness and eroticism, and also the representative of pleasure, as well as all the other qualities we have already listed. And that's what we all want to enjoy on holiday. And that's why Venus comes first for all of us in our assessment and analysis!


By the way, all planets work equally in all of us, in men as well as women, but Mars has a stronger effect on men, and Venus has a stronger effect on women.

The Special Qualities of the Most Important Planets

Venus stands for love and pleasure.

Mars stands for strength, courage and determination.

Sun stands for self-confidence, vitality and well-being.

Mercury stands for communication, thirst for knowledge, and willingness to learn.

Jupiter stands for morality, happiness and wish-fulfilment.

Saturn stands for restrictions, discipline, bad mood as well as melancholy, and thriftiness.

Our Evaluation

We first look at the position and aspects of Venus. It can be very good, as with Conjunctions, Sextiles and Trines, or not so good, as with Oppositions and Squares - there are numerous variations. If Venus is in a good position, it is of course wonderful, and everything is right in its area. But, if it is not so good, then you cannot expect 100% from it. Which is why the other planets should provide a balance.

That is how we should react. Because all planets are never in a bad position, which is why we then perhaps activate Mercury as a balance. And we organise something right away, where we can experience something new or interesting, often a longer walk, or discovering a new city, is enough.

If Venus, for example, is in a bad position, there will probably not be too many highlights in the area of love. We all know that. But even 70% of love is still good, and is far above half, if we want to use abstract figures. The optimum does not always exist.

Other experiences with a bad Venus are, for example, a bad meal served while eating in a restaurant (it happens to me all the time). However, it has to happen once in a while, so that we don't forget what a good meal tastes like. But, that's exactly what happens at these times!

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