Three Zodiac signs enjoy love luck now | Photo: Yura Shevchenko /

These zodiac signs now have luck in love until August

The goddess of love Venus is now shining in Gemini.
Three Zodiac signs enjoy love luck now | Photo: Yura Shevchenko /

These zodiac signs now have luck in love until August

The goddess of love Venus is now shining in Gemini.

These zodiac signs now have luck in love until August

Venus in Gemini makes us gracious and charming

On April, Venus, the Goddess of love, enters the zodiac sign Gemini, standing there until August. So, the planet now largely assumes the properties of Gemini and transfers them, more or less, to all of us.

What Zodiac signs are favored by Venus in Gemini?

It is now essential to make good use of such precious times of love!

How is love for the other Zodiac signs?

Not bad at all. But the focus may now be in other areas.

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What are those other zodiac signs?

Taurus and Cancer, as well as Capricorn and Scorpio. They may now be experiencing slight resistance in the love field. In a way, passion does not fly on them as it used to. That's all. However, with initiative and ideas, we can achieve a lot now and largely compensate for the shortcoming.

A special position

... Currently, Pisces and Virgo occupy a particular place, since the square is reporting them. But we know that fasting is sometimes excellent, and it makes us all the happier when we can finally access it heartily. Besides, there is enough for Piscis and Virgo to do right now. And so those shifting interests from the starry sky are also wonderfully arranged.

Five strengths of Venus in Gemini

Strength No. 1

... Venus in Gemini makes the communication potential of the Gemini born even more charming and lovable than it usually is. And such quality passes to each one of us since Venus is present in each person. Put simply; this means that the Goddess of love will now have an even more charming and lovable effect on our expression style. We now choose words with caution and carefully, so that this alone creates a beautiful and delicate network between people who are keen to love, especially for those who are meeting each other anew.

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Strength No. 2

... It is the charm and the kindness, which not only expresses in communication but also reveal themselves in our nature. We are now much more cheerful than usual, more open in speech, and less extreme than usual, which is an essential feature of Gemini. Gemini people are communication geniuses among us and also born actors, journalists, and authors. The reason why it is much easier for them to get to know each other. The Goddes is now going to bring so much love. Thus now, Venus is making us more communicative, hoping to be helpful.

Strength No. 3

...It is the love of truth that passes over to us from Venus in Gemini. Gemini people are incredibly truth-loving by nature, and that quality is now being transferred to us as well. A condition related to Mercury, who rules Gemini. Mercury is the master of thinking and, thus, also of logic. As is well known, lies do not correspond to the truth, do not correspond to reality. Before or after lies come to light. And the disappointment can be bitter. The reason why Mercury adheres strictly to logic and, therefore, also to the truth. And that's another great Gemini character trait to appreciate.

And how does this sense of truth affect the times when Venus is in Gemini? For example, it will be for real if a lover comes to us whispering: I love you.

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Strength No. 4

... It is a beautiful passion that is now awakening in us waiting to be implemented by a partner. And as for singles, the innate looseness of Gemini also mostly works and flows into us. The reason why it is much easier to get to know each other, since with this looseness, prejudices hardly report, and you approach people with immediate goodwill.

Hoping that we will all be able to find communicative opportunities again soon so that we can get to know each other yet personally since contacts via telephone and the internet are only a weak substitute.

Strength No. 5

It is the interest in poetry and literature, which is now also awakening in us, logically, since Mercury, the poet and philosopher, is ultimately behind it. And if our new partner is also interested in poetry, theater, and cinema, then these are probably signs of a long-term partnership. (Of course, this also applies to those who are in love).

But first, you have to get to know each other, and Venus will be happy to take care of that now if the circumstances allow it. Usually, Venus blows the partners to us now because she uses the wind that characterizes the air Zodiac Sign Gemini. Venus blows love to us, with [SK1] lightness and tenderness, so that we can receive our lover with precisely this willingness. And then all we have to do is open our eyes and see what comes from it.

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Venus in Gemini: These zodiac signs now have luck in love until August

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