Venus in Leo

These zodiac signs now have luck in love until October 2

The love goddess Venus enters the Leo on September 6
Venus in Leo

These zodiac signs now have luck in love until October 2

The love goddess Venus enters the Leo on September 6

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
2:07 AM Venus → Leo
3:44 AM Moon → Taurus
3:54 AM Moon Square Venus

These zodiac signs now have luck in love until October 2

Venus enters the Zodiac sign, Leo, today and will remain there until October 2nd, 2020. Leo, the sign of the Golden Sun, is ruled by this planet and is also the sign of the heart since it is in our heart that the warm, sunny, and heartfelt love abides. And Venus also promotes the love of children in Leo. Likewise, the desire for home, family, and homeland, even for friends and comrades. So, let us look forward to the coming weeks of love!

Which zodiac signs are among the winners?

Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, and Gemini and Libra, will profit most of this Venus connection to Leo. Beautiful times of love are now announced, which must be enjoyed!

Who is on the 2nd place?

The next category should become active in the area of love and to take initiatives, since the Goddess of love is now mainly occupied with the first category, genuinely spoiled by the Goddess of Love. So, we must set in motion by ourselves what in the first category happens automatically. If we do so, we can expect the same favorable results.

To this second category belong Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, and Capricorn.

Who is not there this time?

The third category, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, are now prone to exaggeration, and this could manifest itself, for example, in excessive erotic desires as a result of a too lustful attitude. Yes, yes, that has happened to all of us over time. Now it is happening to only three signs of all twelve. So, nine signs are excluded now from this experience. However, if we exercise our self-control and are therefore reasonably satisfied with your love life, we may experience minor annoyances, disadvantages, and losses in other areas. That will be if we have violated the love and harmony realm of the mighty Venus in the past. She does not forget. So it is. Yes, yes, we should do better.

And especially in the area of love, we should remember that giving is more blessed than receiving. Unfortunately, we are often still far too focused on our selfish needs and think too little of our partners. Here, also, we could set new standards now while Venus stands in Leo.

Venus in Leo: Who is favored by the stars now?

"Love is the only thing that grows by wasting it.” (Ricarda Huch)

What zodiac sign is your Venus in your birth chart?

With our Ascendant Calculator, you can not only calculate what your rising sign is, but also in which sign of the zodiac Venus was standing at your birth. For example, if your Venus is in Leo, you will now have happy times of love.

To the Ascendant Calculator

Which sign of the zodiac suits you best in love?

How does Leo get along with a Taurus? Can a Cancer win the heart of a Scorpio?

Here you can find out how well the zodiac signs harmonize with each other

What else is Venus doing in September?

Here you can find all constellations of Venus in September 2020.

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
2:07 AM Venus → Leo
3:44 AM Moon → Taurus
3:54 AM Moon Square Venus

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