Virgo horoscope, Week 13 | Photo: ©

Virgos can't be rattled this week

Virgo horoscope for week 13 (3/23 - 3/29)
Virgo horoscope, Week 13 | Photo: ©

Virgos can't be rattled this week

Virgo horoscope for week 13 (3/23 - 3/29)

Virgos can't be rattled this week



You feel a profound inner balance together with unshakable strength, enabling you to overcome any hardship at work or in your private life. Cultivate this feeling by dedicating yourself to more inner reflection. Relaxation exercises and meditation can be helpful too. You'll have surprising insights and be at peace with yourself; there is nothing better for your health!

Working life

You effortlessly take care of everything. You're exceptionally skilled in solving any awkward situations that crop up. When it comes to disputes amongst colleagues, you're the perfect mediator, and even in negotiations, you'll stand your ground. Take care of your personal affairs. Don't postpone essential decisions; decide what to do now! You can rely on your intuition.

Love and partnership

You're able to positively resolve long-standing matters with your lover before they intensify any further. If you've been in a relationship for a prolonged period, you might want to think about making it permanent. If you're single: the next online-date could be a crucial one. Whether it results in a proposal of marriage or a new relationship – love and romance are on your agenda!

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